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Peggy Farren interviews YouTube Lightroom and Photoshop sensation Serge Ramelli.  Serge gives us tips on composition, creating lightroom presets, and pursuing your dreams.  Thanks for tuning into episode #72 of The Understand Photography Show!

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Understand Photography General Notes


Upcoming Trips:

Florida’s Forgotton Coast – Apalachicola area April 16-20, 2018. 

Women’s Photography Weekend Naples May 4-6, 2018

“With one bit of software, Photoshop, and one piece of gear, a camera, I can be by myself creating art.”

About Serge
– cityscape/urban photographer
– published 4 photo books:  Paris, New York, Venice, and Los Angeles (in progress)
– largest Lightroom channel on YouTube (500k subscribers!)
– studied composition
– drawn to the cityscapes of Paris
– big break in photography shooting for Paris hotels
– passionate about special effects
– prefers shooting with Sony7R3 mirrorless camera
– preferred lenses are Sony 12-24mm and Sony 24-240mm
– switched from Canon to Sony for noise reduction and stabilization gimbles, allows great shots with high ISO and no tripod

5 Basic Rules of Composition
1.  Rule of Thirds – don’t place your subject directly in the center
2.  Leading Lines
3.  Framing the Subject
4.  Foreground – Middle ground – Background
* A foreground element is what makes your photo distinct.
* Choose a nice element, not too big or too small.  Find something to tell
people that you were there.  Find something to make the image unique, to
give depth to the photo, create an anchor point and give a message.
5.  Your photo needs to tell a story
*Composition is the arrangement elements to communicate a message.

About his Tutorials
– first started making and selling tutorials in French
– sold 45K in his first year!
– gave one free video per week
– created one full tutorial per month
– with so many sales, he decided to also create tutorials in English
– started YouTube channel (Serge Ramelli Photography)
– studied the YouTube playbook
– worldwide requests for English translations
– began getting contacted by art galleries

Most-Used Lightroom Tools
– presets – hardest to control in cityscapes and landscapes is white balance
– made 5 presets each for sunset, blue hour, snow, daylight, and night – each with 20 different settings
– new import option – SIDECAR – creates a small jpeg, making sorting in library mode SO much faster!

  “Sometimes when you take a photo, unless you retouch it fully in
Lightroom, you cannot see the full potential it has.”

About his Movie
– “The Hollywouldn’ts” – due to be released on Amazon within the next month or two

 “The highway to success is empty.  Even if it seems impossible, you’ve got
to have something to go toward.  Life is about the journey and you need to
have a destination.”

Finding Serge
websites:  PhotoSerge.com  and  SergeRamelliPhotos.com
YouTube Channel:  Serge Ramelli Photography
Facebook:  PhotoSerge


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