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Show Schedule

Here is the schedule for the past and upcoming episodes of The Understand Photography Show! This schedule is updated frequently. Each episode is on www.facebook.com/UnderstandPhotography every Friday at 4 p.m. ET. After each episode, we post the show notes right here on our website!

Exposure Bracketing and Blending Techniques with Satesh Ramjattan

What is exposure bracketing? What does ETTR stand for? How will learning about these help my exposures? In Episode 139 of The Understand Photography Show, Peggy Farren interviews Satesh Ramjattan about getting perfect exposures. Be forewarned; this show is a little technical! We did our best to simplify the concepts. Satesh also teaches about exposure blending in Photoshop.

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Creating, Selling and Publishing a Photography Guide

David Long has published eight guide books for photographers so far. He gives us the ins and outs of how to put a book together, how to self publish, ideas to promote your book and other uses for the books in episode 138 of The Understand Photography Show.

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Getting Your Photography Published in Magazines

Gary Roche is a nature photographer who has had incredible success in the photography industry within only two years. Gary tells us how he was able to be featured in local notable magazines and gives advice on how to approach editors and get noticed by them.

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Preparation Tips for Bird Photography in the Field

Learnng about bird behavior can help you anticipate and capture great images. Professional photographer Peter Brannon gives us ideas on apps, bird migration and nesting seasons, how to tell when a bird is about to fly or do something interesting and how to photograph them.

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Tips for Better Bird Photography with Judy Malloch

Composition plays a huge part in artistic bird photography but it’s really tough to think about when you are trying to capture a bird in flight. Judy Malloch and Peggy Farren discuss different techniques and composition guidelines to help us improve our bird photography images.

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Tips for Better Flower Photography with Jackie Kramer

Floral photographer Jackie Kramer shares advice and tips for great flower photography. Jackie sometimes uses textures that she photographs at the same scene. High impact backgrounds, color combinations and more will give you amazing flower photographs!

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7 Steps to Better Travel Photography

Travel photography is so much more fun when you come home with amazing photographs! Joe Fitzpatrick gives us his best advice to make your travels a fulfilling experience.

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Creating a Website to Sell Your Art

Carolyn Graham Edlund with Artsy Shark is back to give solid and easy tips for great results. If you are interested in selling your photography as art, tune in to episode 128 of The Understand Photography Show!

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Trail Camera Trapping in the Everglades

Andrew West teaches us step by step on how to use a Trapping Trail cam. He talks about what settings he uses and how he sets up his game cam and other equipment in order to get great shots of wildlife. Since many of the shots are at night, Andrew tells us how to set up additional lighting.

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Studying Photographs Will Make You A Better Photographer

Bart Baldwin discusses how to dissect a photograph to figure out the settings, lens length, etc. to try to delve into what the photographer was thinking when they took the picture. That can really help you “see” your photography with a different view. We give some concrete suggestions to really improve your photography!

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Tales from an IMAX Legend with James Neihouse

James Neihouse is a master class instructor in cinematography and an IMAX photographer. James was instrumental in bringing IMAX technology into the space program. Get inspired by James’ amazing career in episode 119 of The Understand Photography Show!

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Best Camera Settings for Sports Photography

Up your game with sports photographer and photojournalist Amanda Inscore. We talk about camera settings for many different sports, where to put yourself, composition, and more in episode 117 of The Understand Photography Show.

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