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How-to Back Button Focus on Canon

Learn how to back button focus on a Canon camera with these quick and easy tips! Peggy Farren is going to show you how to change the back button focusing on a Canon 6D.

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Splash Photography Technique

In this episode of Understand Photography, Peggy Farren describes a fun project to do on a rainy day called fruit splash. It’s also a great exercise to really practice your off camera flash!

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HDR in Lightroom Classic CC

Learn how to use high dynamic range (HDR) in Lightroom Classic CC. Please subscribe our channel for new short training videos every Tuesday and The Understand Photography Show every Saturday. Our motto at Understand Photography is “We Simplify the Technical”. Subscribe and comment to let us know how we are doing!

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Silky Water Effect using Photoshop

Use Photoshop to create the silky water effect. You can photograph in broad daylight without using neutral density filter using this incredible and easy technique!

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I Got My Global Entry Card!

If you are a fan of The Understand Photography Show, you know we talk about travel, nature and fine art photography.  On one of our earliest shows, I interviewed travel agent Cindy Baldwin.  She talked about Global Entry as an important component to making air travel...

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Maximizing Your Filter Collection Using Step Rings

by Joe Fitzpatrick Modern post processing software, as good as it is, still can't replicate the effect of some filters. Polarizing Filters, for example, can eliminate glare and reflections far more effectively than post processing software. Unfortunately, good filters...

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Help! My Photos Are All Over the Place!

Simple tips to help you organize your photos. One of the biggest problems we have as photographers is keeping our photographs organized. Some of our pictures are on our computer, our smart phone and/or our tablet. Here is a simple guide to getting yourself organized....

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Top Tips for Shooting Car Shows and Air Shows

by Joe Fitzpatrick Fall and winter in Florida means air shows and car shows.  These events are fun to watch and draw hundreds, sometimes thousands, of attendees.  This is great for the promoters of the events but presents challenges to photographers.  The aircraft or...

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My First Attempt at Levitation Photography

I love some of the creative photographs I see on social media! One of the photographers in the Understand Photography Facebook group was on a levitation kick and posted several cool shots. On a recent photoshoot, I decided to try it. I took three or four of each...

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10 Tips for Traveling Photographers

By Cindy Baldwin A few years ago while traveling in Italy, I made a big mistake. I forgot to bring extra batteries for my camera. Instead of eating a stracciatella gelato while looking out on Lake Como, I spent all afternoon looking for a store that sold the right...

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Installing Lightroom Presets

New to Lightroom presets? Read on to learn how to install presets in Lightroom.  Scroll down to view our video on installing Lightroom presets! Download the custom Lightroom Preset. Save it somewhere you can find it. Right click to copy the Preset template. (If it’s...

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Photographing the Milky Way out in the Everglades

By Peggy Farren, with Joe Fitzpatrick and Chris Hopkins First of all, this was the first time I (Peggy Farren) had ever done night sky photography!  If you really want to grow as a photographer, befriend other photographers!  I was lucky to go out with Joe...

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The Fabulous Nifty Fifty Lens

Aperture is controlled by your lens, not your camera. Most “kit” lenses that come with your DSLR camera only open up to an aperture of 3.5 or 5.6mm. Both Canon and Nikon make an inexpensive 50 mm 1.8 lens. What makes this lens so popular? Nikon Nifty Fifty Lens The...

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Old Naples Photo Tour

Whether you are a long time Neapolitan or just visiting Naples, you’ll see that Old Naples is filled with history. It’s really fun to walk or drive around and look at the old houses and landmarks, even more fun when you can practice your photography while doing so!...

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Photographing Through a Fence

For the fifth year in a row, I was the leader for Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk. This year we decided on the Naples Zoo, which is free to Collier County residents on the first Saturday of each month. A big challenge is shooting through the fences at the zoo. How...

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Pano Dash Using Your Cell Phone

Panoramic photographs are fun and easy with your smart phone. The camera automatically “stitches” several pictures together to make a super wide image. Panoramics are very easy to do. On a Droid, open your camera app, then tap on MODE. Choose Panoramic. On an iPhone,...

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Sports Photography – Boys Lacrosse at Naples High School

Whatever your specialty is in photography, force yourself to get out of your comfort zone and shoot something different. I have so much training in portrait, event and wedding photography. I’ve been studying nature and travel photography for the past few years. I’m...

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Using White Balance and Flash Creatively

On my recent trip to Old Car City USA I had some fun with my Speedlite and remote flash triggers.  These pictures were taken in the middle of the day, but photographed to look like it was night time. For the shot of the Ford Truck I set the camera white balance to...

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