We Simplify The Technical!

Online Classes

First of all, we really do simplify the technical. Second, we apply teaching techniques to help you learn more efficiently.

  • Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography
  • Getting Started with Lightroom
  • PS Cram Course
  • PS Elements Cram Course
  • PS for Nature Photographers
  • Understanding Lightroom Catalogs, Folders, Files & Collection

And More

Photo Tours & Trips

  • Old Naples Photo Tour Mondays during season
  • The Everglades 2019 Group and Private Tours 
  • St Augustine, FL April 2019
  • Miami Day Trip 2018
  • Women’s Trip: Naples June 2018
  • plus One Day Photo Florida trips!

Hands-On Classes

Our motto and mission is: “We Simplify the Technical”.

Whether you just picked up a camera or are a seasoned professional, we have courses you will be interested in.

Beginners should start with our course: ‘Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography”, which is offered both online and as a hands-on class. Hands-on instruction is conducted in our studio in Naples, Florida.

Private Lessons and Excursions

We offer private instruction and custom photo excursions and trips

  • Private Lessons
  • Photo Excursions and Day Trips throughout SW Florida including the Everglades
  • Private Tours and Trips – Create your own photo trip!

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