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Private Lessons and Photo Excursions!

Understand Photography offers all types of photo excursions.

Most excursions are one to five photographers, however, we can accommodate large groups as well.

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everglades landscape sunrise

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary Back Country

Private Excursion

Unfortunately, this tour is not available due to Covid19.  

Understand Photography has teamed up with Audubon Corkscrew  Swamp Sanctuary  to  explore  the  private  back  country of  this  amazing  wetland.    We travel in the back of a four-wheel drive pickup  truck through several different habitats, stopping along the way for  amazing landscape and wildlife photography.   This 13,000 acre part of Corkscrew is exclusively accessible through our tour.   This is a world beyond the boardwalk that few ever get to see.

This excursion will last approximately 3.5 hours.

Prices:  For 1 or 2 people – $450
                      For 3 People – $525


Private Lessons

We’ll team you up with the appropriate instructor for your needs. We carefully screen our photography instructors for both teaching ability and photography skill. Basic photography to advanced, including software programs such as Elements, Lightroom and Photoshop.

We have instructors in Fort Myers and Naples.

Please email us at [email protected] to schedule and then click the payment button to pay.

Please note these are not excursions.  These are sit-down lessons, usually at our studio and possibly at your home.

Private Lessons $75 an hour with a two hour minimum.

Everglades Photo Excursion

Our nature photographers will take you to the right places for the type of photography you hope for. We have expert bird photographers and landscape photographers ready to guide you and help you with your camera settings. We are permitted by the National Park Service to conduct Photography Workshops in Everglades National Park.

Four hours, $425 for up to two people. $75 per extra person up to four people total.
Full day (8 hours) $800 for up to two people.  $150 per extra person up to four people.


cape romano dome home
portrait class photography with model
Fort Myers Edison Theatre at Night

Cape Romano Dome Home Boat Trip


We’ll board a private boat starting in Goodland, Florida for the trip out to the island of Cape Romano, where the famous ruins of the Dome Home are located.  On the way, we’ll most likely see dolphins and numerous birds.  You will learn tips to improve your photography along the way.  Photographing from a boat can be challenging!

This is a two-hour custom tour for one to four photographers.   $550

Portrait & Flash Photography with a Model

Our portrait photographer and lighting expert will help you and let you try our lighting equipment – studio lights on location using different modifiers. Would you like a chance to use them on location, in a real life situation with an instructor to help? This is a hands-on experience. Bring your own camera and whatever equipment you have. You’ll leave with beautiful portfolio images and the opportunity to use some fabulous lighting equipment.

Three hours, $425 for up to two people. $75 per extra person up to four people total.


HDR, Night and Cityscapes

Are you more of an artist than a nature or people photographer?  You’ll receive basic lessons on night photography and High Dynamic Range – both how to automate and how to do this type of photography “on the fly”. We’ll show you incredible photo opportunities and help you with your settings. 

After the session, you’ll receive instructions on how to process your HDR photos using YOUR specific software and computer.  There are so many apps out for HDR now, if you don’t have software, we’ll recommend an affordable and easy solution.

Three hours, $425 for up to two people. $75 per extra person up to four people total.



Peggy Farren, the owner, has assembled a top notch group of instructors who each have their own specialty. If you are going to be in the Naples area, I highly recommend looking through their list of photography classes in the classroom as well as educational field trips. In such a unique sub tropical environment there is so much to see do and learn. 

For the portrait photographers, they have classes for in studio and on location. Beach photography can be so difficult, yet they break it down to make it easier for beginners to professionals who want to gain additional skills.

Randi M

Yet another fabulous day with Joe. He sure knows how to pick’um. The birds did everything they could to make Joe look good. Came away with some of the best pics I have ever taken. THANK YOU Joe, you are always a wealth of information and SWEET too!
FIVE Star day of shooting Florida’s best!
Becki Johnston

Please call or email us for more info and portfolio images of our instructors. Our instructors are all screened to make sure they are easy to understand and patient teachers! They are also licensed and insured.

Email or call Peggy Farren for more information: [email protected] or 239-263-7001.

“I’ve been working alongside my husband who’s a photographer, for over 20 years but never understood how to take a picture, except on ‘P’. It’s great to have learned the basics and much more, in a simple easy to understand way and with patience when I asked for advice.”
Michelle Sandison

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