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Going to the same spot over and over can really challenge you to come up with unique and interesting photographs, Jonathan Gewirtz gives advice on using different equipment, compositions, angles, times of day and more to create beautiful art with your photography.

Jonathan Gewirtz Everglades Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Same Location Photography Challenge

Episode 113 with Jonathan Gewirtz

“I’m trying to become the best photographer of the things that are near me.”

A Photographic Opportunist with Limited Time

  • Make time.  Get up early, go out in the evenings.
  • Go back to places you know.
  • Carry equipment with you (or have it available) at all times.
  • Take advantage of events.

“Nature, like people, changes over time.”

Get to Know Your Surroundings

  • Keep going back to the same places.  View your favorites at different times of day and different seasons.  Watch and learn the patterns of light and shadow, weather, seasonal changes, and growth of an area.
  • Make it different.  Use a different lens. Change your perspective.  Look down (the macro world is almost infinite).  Look behind you.  Step off the beaten path – be willing to get wet and dirty – use knee pads and water shoes.

Favorite Spots

  • Everglades National Park:  Anhinga Trail, Payhayokee Overlook, Mahogany Hammock (near SE entrance), Hell’s Bay Canoe Trail, Cape Sable, Flamingo (darkest spot in FL – great for night sky photography)
  • Miami:  Little Havana, 8th St. Domino Park, South Beach, Biscayne Bay, William Powell Bridge (park near The Rusty Pelican Restaurant or Hobe beach – wait for time with little traffic to reduce vibration of bridge.)
  • Utah:  Moab



  • Full Frame Canon 5D 
  • Wide zoom (70-200)        
  • Tele zoom (17-40)            
  • Macro lens                       
  • tripod and mount
  • filters (graduated 2-3 stop ND)
  • batteries  

Belt Pack (LowePro – for bike trips)

  • Mirrorless
  • 24-105 lens
  • Circular Polarizer

Kayak Trip

  • Similar gear as in backpack trips
  • Go-Pro Camera
  • Dry Bag

Finding Jonathan

Website:  JonathanGewirtz.com

Facebook: Jonathan Gewirtz



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Jonathan Gewirtz Mountain Meadow sunset Colorado
Jonathan Gewirtz Everglades Foggy Sunrise
Jonathan Gewirtz Taylor Slough Sunrise
Jonathan Gewirtz Morning Fog Everglades Pond

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