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Show Notes for Episode 31: Wildlife and Bird Photography ft. Diana Calleja
Diana Calleja is fairly new to photography, yet if you look at her pictures, you wouldn’t think that at all. She started out with a point and shoot and then worked her way up to a more professional camera. Diana then started to sell her work at art shows and became successful at it.

Here are some other things that we talked about in this episode:

· Really learn the bird’s behavior. You must know when they might fly off or do a little dance.

· If you are new to photography, join a camera club and meet new people. It is important to learn from others. It is crucial to listen and learn when starting.

“Shoot with both eyes open,” -Diana Calleja

The best time to for bird photography is to arrive 20 minutes before sunrise so you are ready at sunrise aka the “Golden Hour”. The lighting is soft until about an hour
or so after sunrise.

· Keep your shutter fast. Diana keeps her at least 1/1600.

· Learn to listen and identify the sounds different species of birds make.

“I go out every chance I get,” -Diana Calleja

Take A LOT of pictures, because you never know how many good shots you will get.

· Bring extra cards and batteries, plastic bags to protect your equipment, and good water shoes.

· If it is hot outside, make sure to bring a sweat rag so that you do not get sweat on your equipment.

“I’m doing what I love,” -Diana Calleja

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