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Why, when and how to shoot black and white photography for high impact photographs.  Geff Bourke is a well-known speaker on this subject. 
Black & white photography can add drama or take away distractions. 

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Why Choose Black and White Photography 
with Geffrard Bourke


“There’s something so beautiful about a black and white image 
– the detailing, the tonality.”

Anything Looks Good in Black and White

  • Street Photography – even at night!
  • Landscapes
  • Macro and Close-ups
    – Geff loves taking black and white images of flowers – white blossoms seem to glow.
  • Portraiture

    – Color can really be a distraction, it pulls your eyes away from their face.

“When you photograph a person in color, you photograph their clothes.  When you photograph a person in black and white, you photograph their soul.”

Tips for Black and White Success

  • Lighting

    – Color images are best when the light is right – early morning or evening.

    – Black and white images can be taken at any time of day – even in the bright afternoon sun!

    – Harsh light helps to bring out the contrast and tones of the landscape.

  • Spot-meter on the brightest part of your subject.

    – Make the subject stand out and be separate from the background.

  • Shoot in RAW (color) to capture as much data as possible.
  • Set Live-View to Black and White to help you learn to see without color.
  • Bracket your images 

     – Stack them later in Photoshop, or choose the best exposure from the set.

     – Choosing the lightest of the set creates a “high-key black and white”.

  • Leave the white balance in Auto

     – White balance really only affects color images.

     – You can adjust the contrast of the image in post-processing.

  • Look for contrasty scenes

   – Examples:   A white fence against a deep green

                        Bright birds or flowers against a dark

                        Architecture against a blue sky

  • Look for interesting and detailed subjects without distracting backgrounds.
  • Concentrate on composition – use leading lines.
  • Look at the work of other photographers – LEARN from it and get INSPIRATION.
  • Practice makes perfect – and helps develop your eye.
  • Try to get it right as much as you can IN-CAMERA so you don’t send hours in post-processing.
  • AFTER processing – step away for a day – don’t post or print it immediately.

     – Look at it again – your perspective or mood may have changed.  Tweak accordingly.

     – Mood affects the way you see an image – work on it when you feel GOOD.

  • Join a photo club and enter your images in competitions.  Getting feedback helps you learn.

Geffrard’s System

  • Fuji XH1 system, Fuji Mirrorless and Medium-Format Film Camera 
  • Will occasionally use ND filters, but not Polarizing filters.
  • Photoshop is his primary post-processing program.

     – Started using Nik Silver FX, but has developed his own actions and pre-sets

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Geffrard Bourke Panda
Geffrard Bourke Cloud Topped Peaks
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