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Tom Schifanella teaches how to get those awesome photographs of waves.

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We also talk about drone photography and how Tom got published

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Episode 156

Wave Photography – How to Capture Amazing Photographs of Waves with Tom Schifanella


Surfers and Waves

  • Check weather and surf forecasts – Surfline.com
  • Waves are fickle, they could last anywhere from 6 hours to several days.
  • Watch and wait for just the right wave conditions – then look for good light.
  • Move along the surf line to get into position – usually waist to chest deep in the water.
  • Get a feel for what the surfer is doing – stay out of their line!
  • The best shots have the sun highlighting the backs of the waves while the fronts are in shadow.
  • A three-quarter angle helps give a sense of depth and includes background.
  • Surf housing allows for unique points of view from within the waves.

-Different from Underwater housing.

-Lighter, allows for one-handed control.

Tom’s Gear


Wave Tips

  • Become familiar with the waves and the surfers.
  • Look at weather forecasts and wave conditions. It can be dangerous out there!
  • Get the best housing you can afford if you want to take your photography to the next level.
  • Be PATIENT and PRACTICE! There is a HUGE learning curve.


Drone Photography

  • DJI Mavic 2  – excellent Hasselblad camera
  • Shoot in RAW mode for easier manipulation in post-processing.
  • Able to take single shots or use in burst mode.
  • Gimble can be adjusted to change the angle of your view.
  • Steep learning curve – practice, practice, practice!
  • Research is very important!

– You are the pilot of an aircraft and must follow the rules and regulations for that airspace.

– Apps and online sites are available to look up restrictions for each area.  (DJI FlySafe)

– Drones are ILLEGAL in some countries and will be confiscated (and quite possibly never returned to you).

– Google Earth is a great tool to find amazing locations for aerial photographs.


Drone Tips

  • Read the manual 3 times.
  • Watch YouTube videos.
  • Think like a pilot.
  • Prepare – know the applicable laws for the areas you plan to visit.
  • Be patient and practice. Use beginner mode to learn controls.


Getting Published

– Your submitted images are stored in an online gallery on their site -FREE.

– Editors leave constructive comments that help you grow as an artist.

– The captions you submit can be just as important as the images.

  • Check out calls for entries for photographers.

– Look for exhibits or shows that fit your work.

– Submit images based on themes for contests and galleries all over the world.

Lenscratch.com , CallForEntries.com , Aperture.org


Finding Tom


Instagram – @Tom.in.abf

Nat Geo YourShot


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