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Sometimes a documentary style image doesn’t capture the feeling of being there.

World traveler Kirsten Hines gives us tips on how to create abstract photographs

in nature to help tell the story and feel the emotion of the moment.

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Using Abstract Photography in Nature to Capture Mood with Kirsten Hines

About Kirsten

Environmentalist, Photographer, World Traveler, and Blogger

Author/Photographer of 5 Books

  • Attracting Birds to South Florida Gardens
  • Images of Modern America: Biscayne National Park
  • Images of America: Key Biscayne
  • Birds of Fairchild
  • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden: Bird Trail Guide

Photographic influences:  Ralph Lee Hopkins, Art Wolfe


“Something about a lack of scale inspires the abstract.”


Using Abstract Techniques to Tell a Story

  • Abstract imagery can be a way to explore the environment more deeply in a directed way.
  • Abstract techniques allow you to creatively obtain a shot that may otherwise be technically difficult to achieve.
  • Look for things that help show what you are experiencing in the moment.


Patterns, Lines and Shapes


Colors – Monochrome or B & W can create a different mood to your image.
              Bright colors evoke a different mood than subdued colors. 

Clarity – Soft and muted vs. bold and crisp

  • Be willing to take the time to play with your settings and try different things.
  • Try changing your white balance for different lighting effects.
  • Infrared filters can create incredible abstracts.
  • Do as much in-camera as possible to capture the moment “as it was”. It’s difficult to go back to the image in post-processing and remember exactly how it felt to be there.

 “You don’t just take an amazing photograph, you create an amazing photograph.”

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Kirsten Hines Vertical Heron Flight
Kirsten Hines Canyon Sunset on the River
KirstenHines_UnderstandPhotographyShow-2 Ice Tunnel
Kirsten Hines Study in Stripes
Kirsten Hines Over the Cold Ocean Waves
Kirsten Hines Shifting Sands

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