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Peggy Farren talks with travel enthusiast and photographer Betty Dent.  Betty fills us in on some of the amazing opportunities to travel cheaply and experience the world as a volunteer.  Thanks for tuning into episode #89 of The Understand Photography Show!

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Volunteer Abroad For Cheap! Traveling, Volunteering and Adventure with Betty Dent


          “Travel is hard work, but it’s rewarding, especially as a photographer.”

About Betty

  • Retired from 42 year career in the Air Force, Army, and Department of Defense.
  • Traveled extensively and lived abroad for nearly 15 years.
  • Continued to yearn for travel and adventure after retirement.
  • Uses a Canon 5D Mark II.
  • Took classes at Understand Photography.
  • Joined camera clubs in Ft. Myers area.

       “I prefer to travel by myself.  I get to interact more with new people.”


Finding Volunteer Projects (and Travel Links)

       “Google it.”


First Volunteer Experience 2013

Thanda – private game reserve in South Africa (Elephant Coast)

Two groups:  photography and research

  • 4-5 days photography instruction by Emil Von Maltitz from www.natureslight.co.za
  • Learned to photograph animals and load images into a database to be used by NGOs, charitable organizations, and for sale to support eco projects.
  • Worked with research group who studied animal habits.
  • Went out on two safari drives per day taking photos.
  • Worked with local schools – taught English, took school photos.
  • Cleared brush with a machete.
  • Worked in the gardens.

AfricanImapct.com – wildlife photography – training

GlobalVolunteers.org – opportunities from West Virginia to Tanzania

Sar-El.org – Israeli military – work side by side with military, eat together, live in military quarters, share bunks with 4-8 women, basic labor – repair tools, pack rucksacks, clean warehouses, paint, (as well as nursing and other specialties).

Vegan Bakery in Jerusalem – baking bread for local school (new upstart business)

Eritrea refugees in Tel Aviv – helping women refugees fill out citizenship papers.




TravelZoo.com – inexpensive group travel, great trips


TailorMadeSafaris.co.za – not volunteer, but very reasonable


The Experience

  • You are charged a fee for housing and food (which varies with each project).
  • You are also responsible for your airfare.
  • Requires medical insurance, shots, passport, visa, and sometimes interviews.
  • May be some age restrictions depending on the project.
  • You need to be fit.
  • You are met at the airport and transported to the volunteer site where you’re given assignments and roommates.
  • Facilities are normally bare bones – an Army sleeping bag and a cot.

       “If you can do photography, AND you can travel, AND you can do some good for someone – how do you get better than that?”

  • You usually get weekends free – there are sometimes organized trips for volunteers for sightseeing.
  • Always ask permission before taking a photo of a person.
  • A smile goes a long way – it transcends the language barriers.
  • Language hasn’t been a problem. Most of the guides speak English, and the native people speak well with hand gestures.


          “The things you get to participate in and learn are wonderful – better than the money you save.”

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