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Show Notes for Episode #40: Traveling the Silk Road with Jim Sernovitz
Regarding travel “Just do it”.

im Sernovitz has had a long and varied career in photography, including owning a chain of one-hour mini labs, a high end professional lab based in Milwaukee called The Enlargement Works, he’s been a photography instructor at the university level, had a photo radio show and now he is enjoying traveling the world, photographing as he goes.

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Jim’s equipment: Nikon D7100 with an 18-300mm lens. Also a compact camera as a backup.

Jim’s Silk Road trip included the following countries: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

The Russians subdued these tribes in the 1850s, then Stalin divided them all into ethnic groups. The word “Stan” means “land of”. The land of the Kazaks became Kazakhstan, etc. Now these countries are doing well due to the oil industry.

He first flew into Istanbul.

Song (including a cute cartoon!) “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”

Jim’s advice:

There is a LOT of dust, dirt, feathers, etc. on this trip. Take care of your camera to keep it clean.

“Never take the lens off. If you get dust on your sensor, you’re dead.”

“You don’t want to have a camera without an eye level viewer (viewfinder).”

“Trade secret of photographers: Take lots of pictures and only show the good ones.”
Jim took about 6400 pictures, approximately 300 per day.

To save processing time, shoot in JPEG.
“If you expose properly and learn to do it (shoot in manual), it makes no difference (shooting in RAW or JPEG).

One of the best places to take pictures is in the bazaars, although they weren’t allowed to while in Turkmenistan. There were hardly any photo restrictions in the other countries.

Jim took advantage of the reenactments of cultural events. It’s a great photo opportunity and a fun way to learn about the culture.
Kehva still has the city wall from ancient times. The “caravanseis” were like hotel rest stops in ancient times since the Silk Road runs through the desert. They could pay to stay overnight, get food and water for their camels and move on. Jim visited one restored caravansei.

Regarding travel “Just do it”.

Don’t take too much equipment. Camera and backup camera.
Bring a plastic bag to cover your camera in case of rain.

Be ready because stuff happens fast.

Turn around often to see a different viewpoint.

Slideshow of some of Jim’s photographs on the Silk Road

See you next week for episode 41!
Jim Sernovitz will be here to talk about his photographic journey through Asia.

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