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Show Notes for Episode 4: Travel Photography ft. Jim Zuckerman

Be sure to check out Jim Zuckerman’s website: http://www.jimzuckerman.com
2017 Photographer’s Market: How and Where to Sell Your Photography by F&W Publications

Peggy’s son, Chris, is a musician — be sure to check out his website! http://www.chrisfarren.com


10 Tips for Travel Photography

  1. Research subjects and locations.
  2. Carry a tripod.
  3. Be aggressive / think outside the box.
  4. Connect with people.
  5. Use a wide angle lense.
  6. Take advantage of twilight.
  7. Learn to creatively use flash.
  8. Look for elevated perspectives.
  9. Respect other cultures.
  10. Learn Photoshop.

5 Mistakes in Photography

  1. Not enough Depth-Of-Field (no tripod)
  2. Distracting backgrounds
  3. Contrasting lighting
  4. Uninteresting subject matter
  5. Hand-holding camera with slow shutter speed

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