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Show Notes for Episode 15: Travel Photography ft. Brian Jannsen
Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography – The next class begins January 17. Truly knowing photography is a great gift for yourself or someone in your life!

Upcoming Trips:
St. Augustine 4-Day Trip

Visit Brian Jannsen’s website:

General tips for success in photography:

You need an intense desire to dig deep & learn.

Both the technical & creative qualities need practice.

You need to have stubborness, determination, and patience.

Top Travel Photography Tips:

Know ahead of time what the trip is about – especially if you’re traveling with other people. Know and delineate what you’ll do. Are you on vacation and taking a few photos here and there, or is this a dedicated photography trip? Communicate with everyone and be on the same page.

Do your own personal planning ahead of photos – inspiration, geographical. A few apps Brian uses are Google Maps, and The Photographer’s Ephemeris [$8.99 on iOS (here!)

Get up early, stay out late.

Similar to cinematography, take an establishing shot. When you’re photographing something, start by taking a wide shot way back away to sort of set the scene of what you’re doing. Then move closer and closer and get more detail shots – take the viewer on your journey. You can also take photos of something specific to that area: a street sign, metro signs, etc. – something that will demonstrate where you are.

Take time to think about your composition.

Frequent mistakes in travel photography:

Getting brand new gear just before leaving for your trip of a lifetime.

Not knowing how to use your camera or equipment – you need to know how to use your camera even in the dark!

Running out of memory cards or batteries – bring backups, try to have a way of charging while you’re using it.

Not checking your settings between using your camera yesterday and starting out today.

Not having a clear subject – the viewer needs to know what they’re looking at!

Brian Jannsen recommends these products for travel photography:

Gitzo tripod with carbon fiber legs

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