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Women’s Photography Weekend Naples May 4-6, 2018

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Episode 63 Touring Patagonia with Art David

About Art David
– Passionate hobbyist photographer
– Started taking pictures for high school yearbook, then college newspaper
– Winner 2016 Camera U.S.A. photo competition (national competition sponsored by the Naples Art Association)
– Active member of local DPI-SIG camera club (DPI-SIG.org)

Used part of $5k prize to take a photo tour of Patagonia
– Epic Destinations with Richard Bernabe (www.RichardBernabe.com/workshops/)
– 12 day tour of Patagonian landscapes in Argentina and Chile
– Los Glacieres National Park, Argentina and Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
– 12 photographers, tour leader, bus driver, and local guide

– Heavy-duty tripod
– DSLR (Nikon D800) and backup camera
– Took too many lenses.  Most used – 20-70mm zoom with filters and 16-25mm zoom (permanent shade doesn’t allow for easy filter attachment)

– Hyperfocal distance – focus on something about 1/3 distance into the scene, the depth of field will extend both in front of and behind your point of focus
– Focus Stacking – 3 pics of same area, focus one on foreground, one on middle ground, one on background – stack in Photoshop
– Bracketing – merge images to create pic with creative lighting
– Keep aperture small (f/8 or f/11)
– Find something visually interesting in all levels (foreground, middle, and background)

Photo from this trip entered into photo contest on

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