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Plan YOUR perfect photo trip with these tips from landscape and wildlife photographer Ted Davis.

Ted inspires us with his quick rise to fulltime photographic artist and tour leader.

Manarola cliffside city Ted Davis

Tips on Planning your Ideal Photo Trip 

Episode 110 with Ted Davis

About Ted

  • Ted started his career as a NYC lawyer, but turned his career path to his love of photography.
  • Now he works full time as a Fine Art Photographer and sells his amazing images at art fairs.
  • Ted leads Photo-Workshop adventures in Italy, France, Iceland, and Africa.

Preparing a Workshop

  • Travel the spot at least once as a dry run.
  • How do you know what to shoot?  Where to go?

     – Look at work from photographers he likes.  What did they shoot?  When did they shoot it?  What time of year were they there?

     – Look at work from local photographers – where and what do they shoot?

     – Ted uses Instagram to scout great locations instead of Google.

     – Check images from picture books, magazines, and almanacs in a library.

     – Check the weather.

     – Find the GPS coordinates of each location. 

-Is it accessible and open to the public? 

           -Will I be able to get there?  Do I need a 4×4 vehicle?

           -How far is the location from the city I’m staying in?

     – Timing between locations is difficult.  You want to stay to get “that” shot, but you need to account for travel time to your next location.  

  • Do you hire a guide? 

     – African Safari – use a guide and driver, you’ll be chasing wildlife.  They will be able to track and spot the animals faster than you will.

     – Italy – use a driver.  Has used the same driver for multiple trips and built a good relationship.

  • Plan to visit each location at least twice on different days to make sure to get the opportunity for THE shot.

“You need to be comfortable carrying the camera day after day for many hours at a time.”

Gear to Take with You

Ted sends each of his participants a packet:

-what to expect

-what to wear

-what to practice with your camera before you go

-what to bring:

-A camera that won’t weigh you down after many hours – you may want to step down from a super heavy 850 with a long lens and try a lighter mirrorless for your trip.  (Favorite mirrorless: Nikon Z7 )

-For a landscape trip, you NEED a good tripod with a really good head.

-Iceland:  Fast & Wide lenses (14-24mm, Fisheye)  Ice caves are dark.

-Africa:  Super Telephoto (70-200mm, 150-600mm )

*If you don’t have just the right equipment, you don’t have to buy it, RENT it!

Use the app – The Photographer’s Ephemeris -crucial for landscape and architectural photographers.

Tips for a Great Photo Trip

1.  Chase the light.
Put yourself out there, BE THERE for that sunrise.  It’s a sacrifice to wake up early on vacation.  Force yourself.

2.  Shoot on the settings you’re comfortable with.  Get the shot for the memory – not everything needs to be blown up to wall size.

3.  Use a tripod, monopod, or Platypod to stabilize your camera.

4. Change your perspective.  Get low, get high, and tilt your camera.  Lay down and look up!

5.  Get in your own shot!  Use a timer.  Allow yourself to be in your photos.  

Finding Ted

Website:  www.teddavisphoto.com

Facebook:  Ted Davis Photo

Instagram:  Ted Davis Photo

Check the Art Show schedule on his website to see his work in person.


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