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Nature photographer Mary Lundeberg shares tips and techniques for photographing birds against a background of sand and surf.

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Episode 171

Tips for Photographing Birds at the Beach
with Mary Lundeberg

“My primary goal with photography is to preserve the beauty of Southwest Florida.”

The Approach

  • Stand back – don’t rush in. Take the time to observe.
  • Don’t make a beeline for your subject – take a wide arc, stop along the way, and let them get used to your presence.
  • Watch how the birds are moving. Set up your tripod in an area that will let the birds come to you.
  • Get low to the ground and be still to be less threatening to the birds.


  • Backpack or camera bag – ALWAYS keep your camera and lenses in a bag at the beach – salt and sand can wreak havoc on your equipment.
  • Towel to lay on.
  • Kneeling Pad– for kneeling OR as a base for your camera on the sand.
  • Tripod – Gitzo Carbon Fiber
  • Gimbal head – Mongoose Generation 4
  • Telephoto Extender
  • 100-400 mm lens and 600 mm lens

Get to Know Your Subjects

  • Learn what birds might be seen in that area and look up some of their behaviors.
    Cornell University Ornithology
    Florida Shorebird Alliance
    – Park Rangers are also a great source of information.
  • The variety of birds changes with the season. Migration and nesting cycles are different for each species.
  • Spend time with the birds. Learn to predict their behavior and be ready.
  • Get involved in organizations and conservation groups.

Other Tips

  • Be aware and present in the moment – the beach and surf can be damaging to your equipment.
  • Pay attention to the background – MOVE and position yourself for the best shot.
  • Increase exposure compensation +1/3 to +2/3 to correct for the brightness at the beach.
  • Use AI Servo /AFC– Continuous Focus to track and focus on moving subjects.
  • If taking pictures of a flock, it’s best to capture the flock as they land. Try a slightly slower shutter speed to capture the energy and movement– 1/50s to 1/25s.
  • Most of the time the sun should be at your back, BUT the beach also has great backlighting options because of the reflectivity of the sand and water.

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    Mary Lundeberg Least Tern feeding junior at Lido Beach
    Mary Lundeberg Eat your fish, little one
    Mary Lundeberg LETE dive bombing yellow-crowned night-heron
    Mary Lundeberg Checking on newly hatched chick with eggteeth
    Mary Lundeberg Least tern looking at newborn chick
    Mary Lundeberg Attitude
    Mary Lundeberg Skimmer: Orange minnow orange tongue

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