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A photo book is a great way to preserve and share memories of events, document a trip, create a collection of beautiful images or show off your portfolio. This episode is full of tips and ideas to design your own photo book.

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Tips for Designing a Photo Book with Peggy Farren


Start with a Plan
Purpose of the Book
-Tell a story
-Document a trip or event
-Showcase a collection of images for a coffee table book
-Guide book


-Gift for friends or family
-Memory book for yourself
-Sell to a larger audience

Knowing these helps to determine size, format, and paper choice – which will also help to determine the cost.


Blurb – Lightroom compatible
Shutterfly, Snapfish
MPix – from Miller’s professional photo lab

Tips for Arranging Your Images

    •  Overall arrangement can be chronological, theme-based, or location based.
    •  Print thumbnails of the images to organize and arrange manually.
    •  Less is more!  Choose your BEST images to represent the “story”
    •  Get a second opinion before you print!
    • Remember rules of composition when arranging multiple images on a page.
    • Always leave room in front of a face.
    • Give images room to breathe – avoid crowding too many images on one page.
    • Give the viewer variety – mix close-ups with more distant views to help tell a story.
    • Pay attention to color combinations within pages and make it pleasant to look at.

    Text Options

    • Use no more than 2 font styles or colors that are easy to read.
    • Unless you are telling a story, keep text to a minimum.  Remember, less is more!
    • Title of Image
    • Inspirational quote
    • Any text that helps put the photo in context or helps to tell the story without being overly wordy or using lingo.

     Important Images

    • Cover – an impactful image letting you know what the book is about.
    • Lead image –  the picture on the first page– needs to grab the viewer’s attention and lead their eye to the right and further into the book.
    • Final image – an impactful summary or end of the book.

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    Peggy Farren Photo Page Layout

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