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There are more options than you realize for displaying your photography in local businesses. Photographer David Sussman gives us great tips for making connections and getting your images seen all over town.

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Episode 170

Tips for Collaborating with Local Businesses
to Display Your Photography with David Sussman


Advice from Experience

  • Join the local Chamber of Commerce
         – This is a great way to meet local business owners all in one place.
         – They hold regular weekly or monthly events with an average attendance of 50 – 100 local businesses.
         – Make contact, form relationships, and see how you can work together.
  • Learn to work every angle you can.
          – Donate prints to local charities and non-profits to help build a relationship.
         – Make agreements with other businesses in town.
         – Get your foot in the door and start with the small stuff – calendars and cards don’t take up much space and can be a good way to introduce your brand to local patrons.
         – “If you buy a mural print (4’ x 6’ and larger), I’ll design an area within your business space to display multiple images – on loan and rotated frequently – that are available for purchase by you or your clients.  Each sale earns you a 30% commission. “      

Tips for a Gallery Space

  • Start with WHITE walls and good lighting.
  • When choosing images to display – look at previous sales. Local scenery is usually a good choice.
  • Be available. People are more likely to make a big purchase if they meet the artist.
  • Keep it fresh – rotate the art every 45 days or so.
  • Integrate an interactive display (digital touchscreen photo frame) to show images that are also for sale, but not currently on display.
  • Show images of different sizes on a range of media – not everyone likes a canvas gallery wrap.
  • Use the space for other gatherings or events. David hosts a monthly Photo Talk forum within the gallery for all levels of photographers.

Facebook Tips

  • Post ONE of your best images every day.
  • Write a BRIEF, FEEL-GOOD story to accompany each image. Try to add a little humor or an interesting tidbit of information about the location or subject.
  • Respond to everyone that takes the time to leave a comment. It’s important to communicate and give a sense of connection to you or your art.
  • DON’T try to sell anything here. Be minimal with advertising and awards.

Finding David

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