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The Understand Photography Show Notes

Show Schedule

Here is the schedule for the past and upcoming episodes of The Understand Photography Show! This schedule is updated frequently. Each episode is on www.facebook.com/UnderstandPhotography every Friday at 4 p.m. ET. After each episode, we post the show notes right here on our website!

A Fresh Start for Fine Art Photography

Do you dream of being a full-time artist selling your photography? Hear Carmen’s Sprague’s tips on moving to a new area, making the right contacts and what she’s done (twice) to get established and sell her art. It’s time to follow your dreams and do it!

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Dance and Ballet Photography with Gene Schiavone

Famed ballet photographer Gene Schiavone joins us to talk about ballet, theater and dance photography. Gene really goes into detail on equipment, settings, obstacles, where to stand and more when photographing with stage lighting.

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Creative Photography Techniques

Seasoned photographer Bernie Hynes joins us to talk about creative composites. Bernie gives us great tips on making your composites look more authentic.

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How to Get Sponsored as a Photographer

Photographer Peggy Farren talks with Gary Farber of Hunt’s Photo and Video about what it means to be sponsored. Gary gives us all the inside information about what it takes and how to achieve sponsorship.

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How to Start a Photography Blog with Edin Chavez

            Peggy Farren talks with Miami based photographer Edin Chavez.  Edin shares his insight, expertise and tips about creating a blog and why it is the best thing you can do for your business. Thanks for tuning into episode #93 of...

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Documentary Photography & Visual Arts for Activism

Peggy Farren talks with landscape and nature photographer and environmental activist JohnBob Carlos.  JohnBob tells us about connecting people with nature and using your images to promote a cause.  Thanks for tuning into episode #91 of The Understand Photography Show!...

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Traveling, Volunteering and Adventure with Betty Dent

          Peggy Farren talks with travel enthusiast and photographer Betty Dent.  Betty fills us in on some of the amazing opportunities to travel cheaply and experience the world as a volunteer.  Thanks for tuning into episode #89 of The...

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