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Dan Biferie is an active artist and has displayed his photographs in more than 150 different exhibitions. Dan is the chair of the School of Photography at Daytona State College. He is a Senior Professor at the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies.


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Long Term Photography Projects

with Dan Biferie

“The most important place to start is to pick a medium and subject you’re passionate about.”

Starting a Photography Project

  • Start with something you love.
  • Make a list of all the possible images you could create (30-40 to start)
  • Determine if this is possible and practical.  Is the subject available and accessible to you?  Do you have the necessary equipment?  Do you have the time and resources to pursue this subject?
  • Give yourself a purpose for this pursuit.  (artistic self-expression, to connect to another hobby, to voice your political interests, to document your surroundings, etc.)

“Pick out something that truly connects to some aspect of your life, that you would enjoy doing whether you’re taking pictures or not, something that brings personal joy.”

Tips for Success

  • Start with a passion for both photography and your subject.
  • Don’t wait to be inspired.
  • Set aside time to work on it – put it on your calendar!
  • Know your tools.  
    • Take classes to learn all you can about your camera as well as your post-processing software.
    • Join camera clubs.
    • Invest in good lenses.
  • Investigate and understand your subject.
  • Shoot A LOT.
  • Look through older images periodically.  Images that you may not have appreciated may become critical pieces in the overall project.
  • Enjoy the process.

“Collective works are more substantial than individual pieces.”

What do you DO with it?  Share it!

  • Post it on your social media.
  • Add it to your portfolio on your website.

  “More people see your work on the internet than they ever would in a museum.”

  • Enter competitions.
  • Show it at a local art festival.
  • Exhibit it at a museum or gallery.
  • Donate it to a public collection.
  • Create a book.

“Pictures that you take become part of a history.  They have value that they didn’t have at the time they were taken.”

Finding Dan



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Dan Biferie Simple Country Church
Dan Biferie Angled Reflection
Dan Biferie Both Sides of the Street
Dan Biferie Ruins through foggy trees
Dan Biferie Forgotten

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