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Do you want to sell your fine art photography?  Start by putting together a portfolio that will wow art gallery owners and jurors.  

Episode 187

The Four Components of a Selling Art Portfolio

In order to start selling your work, you have to put together a comprehensive portfolio.  Our Executive Producer, Heather Musingo, and Peggy Farren discuss the four most important components of an artist portfolio. 

Listen/watch the show if you are ready to get serious about making money as an artist.

Show notes:

  • The Four Components of a Selling Art Portfolio

    • What is an art portfolio? Why is it beneficial for helping to sell your work?
    • What are the four components to making a saleable art portfolio?

      Find and Create Your Niche.
      2.  Create High Impact Artwork.
      3.  Create a Story for Each Photograph.
      4.  Create Your Artist Statement.

    • How do you go about finding your niche? 
      Take 40-50 of your favorite photographs.  Look for a theme. 
    • How do you create a signature look for your work?
      Within that theme, which pictures appeal to you the most.  Ask a friend or two to help. What is it about these photographs that call out to you?  Maybe it’s the lighting/tone/subject/vastness or closeness.  
    • What can you do to create unique, impactful images to stand out from the crowd?
      Good lighting, clear subject, tell a story, framing, color, angle
    • Why should we create a story to go along with each piece?  Give the buyer something to talk about when he shows off your photograph.
    • What is the purpose of an Artist Statement?  A frame through which the artwork is seen, a means of orienting the viewer.
    • What makes a good Artist Statement? Clarity, brevity, focus/goals – quickly explain your art and highlight what is distinctive about it.
    • What types of things should we include? Basic concept of the work/series, major themes or primary subject matter, the process of creation, how your work is different, your conceptual approach, influences and inspirations, basic philosophy or message of your work.
    • How much of an Artists statement is autobiographical? Not much, unless details of your life experience are the basis from which your art is created. Usually biographies are separate from an artist statement.
    • Self-promotion may not come naturally for artists, but it’s a big part of marketing your art.

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