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Sell Your Photography using an Agent. Don’t want to work the art shows yourself?

Michael and Elaine Joseph started ArtBlend, an art agency.

On this episode, we talk about how Michael found success as a photographic artist

and has gone on to help other artists succeed.

Michael Joseph

The Business of Art with Michael Joseph

Episode 114


Tips for turning your Art into a Business

  • Have a strategy – a 5 year business plan.
  • Do 3 things a day to help advance your career.

– call a contact

– send email inquiries

– read

– research other artists, galleries, opportunities

  • Set aside $10-$20 per week for your career 

– savings will make printing, framing, and other expenses easier to bear

  • Diversify
  • Look for a model/mentor – you don’t have to blaze a trail, just follow it.
  • Keep a journal to track your progress.  
  • Create a database of contacts.  
  • Add personal touches to emails, but keep them short and concise.  Introduce yourself and give a link to your website/portfolio.
  • Keep your website fresh and up-to-date.


“You have to move with confidence and conviction if you expect to succeed.”


Approaching a Gallery

  • Make an appointment.  Ask for a consultation/portfolio review.
  • Create a portfolio with quality prints.  Have a business card and logo.
  • Practice your presentation.  Dress appropriately. 
  • Do your homework.  Learn about the gallery and the owner/director.  
  • During your interview, make the first several minutes about THEM.  Disarm and be polite.
  • Allow them to look at your work in SILENCE.  Remain calm.  Do not interject your thoughts.  Watch their body language and expressions.
  • You need to convert a no into a yes – be a salesman for yourself.
     “Thank you so much, perhaps in the future you could look at my new work.” 
  • Send a follow up postcard of your work – stay in touch!


“Conduct yourself as the CEO of your company.”


Success is a Springboard

Your work is being featured!  Hype it up!

  • Send out new emails to contacts in your database.
  • Find out who buys art in bulk – Interior Designers and Decorators, Corporate Art Consultants – make contacts!


“The harder you work, the luckier you get.”


ArtBlend – An agency for artists

Run by Michael Joseph and his wife Elaine Joseph.

Features the work of 40-50 artists at a time.


Publishing and Multimedia

Social Media Networking


Art fairs – take care of ALL logistics (curate, hang, and sell)

Fees are up front – no commissions.


“An agent brings you opportunities.”


Finding Michael

MichaelJoseph.com      [email protected]

ArtBlend.com                [email protected]






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