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Landscape photographer Erwin Buske talks about how we can use our images to help preserve the beautiful wild places we photograph as well as techniques and tips to make your landscape photography stand out.

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Landscape Photography for Conservation

with Erwin Buske


Conservation Photography – the practice of nature and landscape photography that promises a sustainable future.

  • Documentary style – providing before and after images showing damage to the environment.
  • Inspirational style – providing images that affect people at an emotional level and help them develop a love and appreciation for nature and cultivate a desire to protect and preserve natural places.


Social Media

  • Share with conscience – you want to inspire people with your images without the threat of attracting hundreds or thousands to an area with the potential to cause damage to the environment.
  • Don’t give specific locations. Instead, share more about the EXPERIENCE of being there.
  • Incorporate your emotional state of mind into the titles of your images.


Near-Far Compositions for Landscapes

  • Get really close to a foreground object with a wide-angle lens, focusing as close as possible (6”-8” away) and balance the rest of the image with your midground and background.
  • 1/3 to 2/3 of image is large foreground (flowers or stones) with a visual path through to the background.
  • The subject of the image is the landscape, but the foreground sometimes makes the shot.
  • Get low and immerse yourself in the scene. Make micro-adjustments to balance the composition.
  • Remove dead leaves or twigs to clean up the scene but do your best to preserve living things and LEAVE NO TRACE.
  • You may have to employ focus stacking techniques and shift your focus point on the camera to get everything in the scene sharp.


Important Tips for Protecting the Environment

  • Watch your step. Walk on a hard path or on rocks to try to minimize damage to surrounding plants.
  • Educate yourself on the areas you visit.
  • Become knowledgeable about the rules and restrictions for the area – ask permission from the landowner if on private property.
  • Be a good role model and ambassador.
  • Images can be donated directly to conservation groups for use or proceeds from certain sales can be donated to the group.


Finding Erwin


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Erwin Buske Enchantments- Epiphany
Erwin Buske Glacier Peak Wilderness Area- Image Lake at Sunrise
Erwin Buske Baker Rising From the Clouds
Erwin Buske From Ashes to Nature's Majesty
Erwin Buske Gold Creek Pond- Early Winter Magic
Erwin Buske Death Valley- Rock Tapestry
Erwin Buske Remains of Autumn

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