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keys to financial success and more!

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Getting In and Financial Success at Art Shows with Fine Art Photography

Choosing Juried Images

  • Choose pieces that people are enamored by, pieces with a WOW factor.
  • Choose pieces with a similar style or look. Now is not the time to show your diversity!
  • Be careful of framed pieces – the quality of the frame will be noticed.
  • Choose your printer wisely, print quality can make or break an image.


Before Your First Show

  • Go to other art shows. Walk around.  Talk to other artists.  Look at their booth/tent – ask questions and take note of what you see that works.
    • Try to purchase your equipment used.
    • As you progress, slowly add professional grade items that you need.
  • Find out who oversees the shows and get their email.
  • Join your local art association!
  • Set up your website and have business cards printed.
  • Be sure you have a large enough vehicle or trailer that can transport your booth/tent, all your equipment and your art.


Costs Involved

  • Entry Fee – about $100
  • Booth/tent – about $200
  • Panels to hang your work – about $400
  • Fold-out Bins for smaller items (Matted 8x10s, Notecards, etc) – about $300 each
  • Printed work – about $2 – $3,000
  • Cashbox with change – $2-300


Tips for Success

  • Plan ahead. This will not be able to be thrown together in a week – or even a month.
  • PRACTICE setting up your booth – several times. This will have to be done quickly and in the dark of the early morning hours.  Take pictures or video of the process.
  • Try to be set up an hour before the show opens.
  • Be cautious about framing your work – people will pass by something they may have purchased if they don’t like the frame.
  • Have smaller items available – things that tourists can pack into a suitcase. (11x14s, 8x10s, notecards)
  • Mat smaller items in standard sizes that can be easily framed by the customer.
  • Place your largest, most eye-catching piece in the back to draw people into your tent.
  • Display both vertical and horizontal pieces. Sometimes people are looking for a piece to fill a narrow space.
  • Try to be engaged with your customers, but don’t hover. Don’t ask “Can I help you?”.  Instead, tell the story of the piece and try to make a connection.  People like to connect with the art as well as the artist.  If they know you and trust you, they will be more likely to buy your work.  This takes TIME – don’t get discouraged.
  • Place a notecard next to each piece with its title, size, and price – people HATE to ask how much something costs.
  • Use a card-reader like Square.
  • Have the option available to ship to the customer or create a custom size.


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Tim Bath Vertical Red Sunset 2013
Tim Bath Beach Crowd Little Old Men 2010
Tim Bath Golden Sun Pier North 2012
Tim Bath Beach trail Vert. Wiggins Pass 2015
Tim Bath Great Egret Vert. Green Background 2013

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