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Show Notes for Episode 30: Sports and Travel Photography ft. Ron Wyatt
Ron Wyatt has been a professional sports and travel photographer for many years. He initially got into photography after taking pictures on his honeymoon, and finding out that most to all of them were out of focus! He decided he wanted to get into photography and learn how to take professional pictures. A local paper hired Wyatt after looking at some of his work. Little did he know that he would become a traveling photographer for the NBA.

“What makes me love my job are the people that I get to meet.”
-Ron Wyatt

Ron’s first shoot was for a giant NFL football game. He did so well that the NFL took him on as a traveling photographer. He would submit his photos to magazine companies and began to take pictures of college football and then for the NBA.

· Ron started his own photo tour company that go on trips all over the world. Their most recent trip was to Cuba. The trip was an absolute success! He loved the food, the photography and the scenery. He has been all over the world, but his favorite place of all was Cuba because of the amazing people he met. He has his travel pictures on his website and recommends everyone to take a look. He is planning another photo tour to Cuba. Check his website for more info.

“Look at it like cooking, you get their recipe, but you add your little pinch of salt, pinch of garlic, to make it your own work.”
-Ron Wyatt

One day Ron received a phone call while driving and was told to pull over. Little did he know that he would be asked to take pictures for the Olympics. Ron took pictures for the 2004 Summer Olympics and then again for the 2008 Summer Olympics. It was a real honor to meet and work with famous photographer Dave Black.

· Ron highly recommends using the back button focus. Back button focus tracks and focuses on moving objects. He says it’s as easy as just retraining your fingers to press different buttons. He teaches everyone that he has met about back button focus and encourages them to use it.

“If I was president of the United States, I would make it mandatory that everyone would have to visit a country outside of the United States.”
-Ron Wyatt

Another thing that Ron wants people to know, is how to support the camera properly. He says if your hand is on top of the lenses you are pushing the camera down, but if you are holding the camera from underneath, with your arms firmly at your sides, you’re basically a tripod. So now you can take sturdier pictures. It is also easier to do, you just have to train the muscles. (If you’ve ever taken a class with Peggy, think “Left hand underneath”!).

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