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Use Photoshop to create the silky water effect. You can photograph in broad daylight without using neutral density filter using this incredible and easy technique!

Taking the photographs

  1. Find a spot with moving water.
  2. Camera on Tripod
  3. Put your camera in continuous drive mode.
  4. Camera in manual. Meter to Zero.  My settings were ISO100, SS1/100, F/8.0.
    Your settings will vary.
  5. Focus about 1/3 of the way in for best results in landscape photography.
  6. After focusing, put your lens in manual focus so that the focus won’t change.
  7. Take about 30 pictures.

Load the pictures into Photoshop

  1. File – Scripts – Load Files into Stack
    Add open files, check off both boxes
  2. On the top menu
    Layer – Smart Objects – Stack Mode – Mean

Photoshop will blend the layers into a beautiful image!
silky water Havana Cuba

~Peggy Farren is the founder of Understand Photography Training Center, where “We Simplify the Technical!”.

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