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Host and Professional Photographer Peggy Farren interviews Master photographer Seth Resnick. Seth turns the tables and asks Peggy a series of questions to help her understand how to find her vision.


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seth resnick iceburg

Find Your Creative Vision and Style in Photography with Seth Resnick

Episode 102

About Seth

  • Seth began his career as a photojournalist.
  • He is on the Advisory Board for Adobe  as a consultant for Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • His work has been published in over 2500 magazines worldwide.
  • Seth is a Master Photographer who leads workshops in exotic locations around the world.  He also leads smaller workshops from his home in Palm Beach, FL that focus on workflow and image management in Lightroom.
“Every image needs a stage and an actor, something that draws you in.  It’s very easy to photograph a stage by itself.”

Workshop or Tour?

A tour is when someone takes you to a location and tells you how to set up to take “that” iconic image.

Seth’s workshops are designed to help you find your vision, to help discover yourself – at an amazing location.

Before you go, ask:  What are you looking for?  Why are you going there?

“If you keep asking WHY, eventually, you’ll get to the root of your interests and can start tying things together.” 

Finding Your Vision and Style

“A vision is what drives you photographically.”

Find your story.  Create a mission statement.  WHY are you photographing this?

Find your style.  HOW are you going to photograph this?  Seth is known for bold colors, strong graphics, and sensual images.

“I’m photographing the energy I feel between myself and my subjects.”

The easiest way to build a mission statement, which can change and evolve constantly, is to write down 25 key words about your personality and 25 key words describing what your images are about.  Then start making connections between the two groups.

“If you were to put together a portfolio, what is the continuity that binds your images together?”

Seth encourages people to start a body of work. 

“That’s the reason I keep going back to locations, to complete my body of work.”

Getting Organized In Lightroom: 

1.  Create a new folder to organize images by date and location.

2.  Use keywords.  Lots of keywords.  50-75 per image.  The more often you use them, the more the program will make automated suggestions.

3.  Use emotional keywords.  How does the image make you feel?  Serene, calm, quiet, peaceful, etc.

4.  Use conceptual keywords.  Cater to what the image might be used for.  

     Ex. An image of a stairway:  stairway to success, ladder to success, climbing to success, etc.

 Finding Seth




Seth Resnick Sand dune

Seth Resnick sand dunes

seth resnick barren trees seth resnick antarctica



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