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What should you wear for your business headshot?

There are basically two types of business portraits
1.  A head and shoulders pose, usually set with a studio background. 
2.  A lifestyle portrait – showcasing you and your business.

So your first decision is what type of portrait would be best for your business.  A financial professional may opt for the traditional headshot, while a pastry chef may want the lifestyle-type image.

Preparation is pretty much the same for both types of portraits.  For a traditional headshot, you’ll need to decide on a color for the background.  For a lifestyle portrait, you’ll need to decide on a location and/or props.


  • Well fitting, ironed clothing. Wrinkles will show!
  • Solid colors medium to dark toned clothing works best.
  • Long sleeves
  • Simple jewelry
  • Women – professional hair/makeup makes a big impact. It’s worth the price!

Remember this is your business image so you’ll want to be as professional as possible. The picture is about your face, so your hair and clothes should complement your face, but not draw attention away from it.


  • Spray tans they photograph very orange. It’s easier to add color to someone’s face than to fix a weird color.
  • Avoid shimmery or glossy makeup
  • Nothing low cut
  • No frilly or fancy collars
  • Light or bright colored clothing


  • Hairbrush, hairspray,
  • Makeup for touchups – powder to reduce shine
  • Clothes on a hanger so they don’t get wrinkled in the car.

Have a phone consultation with your photographer well before the photo session.  Share your goals, your website and other marketing materials so your professional photographer can help guide you.

Your business portrait gives you credibility and gives your potential customers confidence that you are a serious business professional. 

Is it time for you to update your professional image?  Give Peggy Farren at call at (239) 263-7001.  Peggy has been a full-time professional photographer in Naples, Florida for 20 years. 
Check out her galleries at www.naplesportraits.com

The Perfect Headshot from FitSmallBusiness
The Perfect Headshot from FitSmallBusiness
The Perfect Headshot from FitSmallBusiness
The Perfect Headshot from FitSmallBusiness
The Perfect Headshot from FitSmallBusiness

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