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Understand Photography General Notes


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Show Notes for Episode #49: Preparing for a Photo Trip with Brain Jannsen
“A good trip takes a lot of research and planning – very little happens by accident.”

What should I take with me?
Everything you can!
Start with a good zoom with a good range:
     24-105 : a good walk-around camera
     24-70 : good for landscapes
Good tripod and shutter release

How do I plan a photo-trip?
To begin, figure out the answers to these questions:
     What is it that moves you?
     What is your inspiration?  What sparks your interest?
     Why are you doing photography?
     Where would you like to go to do your photography?
          City, Village, General Travel Life or Mountains and Landscapes?

“A good trip takes a lot of research and planning – very little happens by accident.”

What do you want to see?
Online tools: Google Earth, Google Maps – help look for and map out locations
                   Pinterest, movies, travel blogs/guides
Bookstores:  travel guides, picture books of a region

Map out maybe 20 locations, determine what time of day you want to be there based on lighting.
     App:  The Photographer’s Ephemeris, The Photographer’s Ephemeris 3D, Sun Seeker
             Show the sun’s angle throughout the day in a specific location.

Map out a tour/route and determine where you want to fly into.
**Take into account that some car rentals will be cheaper in smaller cities.  It’s best to check around, you might save up to $1000!
     – look online at autoeurope.com or europcar.com

Check regulations for length of stay without a visa.  Most of Europe is 90 days, however, the Philippines limits your stay to just 21 days.

– We tend to pack too much clothing.  Invest in some travel clothes that can be hand washed and dried quickly (Nike Dri-Fit) so you can save room in that suitcase for camera gear or souvenirs!
– Check weather/altitudes.  Just because it’s hot in June here, doesn’t mean you won’t need a jacket there!
– Use a backpack for traveling with your gear.  Side bags are hard on your neck and shoulders.
– Always have rain gear available, for yourself AND your equipment – even a plastic bag will suffice, IF you remembered to bring it along!
– Some kind of back-up camera or bridge camera – a point-and-shoot is fine for this.
– Backup batteries, memory cards, outlet adapter

See you next week for episode 50: An Overview of Camera Bags and Straps with Joe Fitzpatrick! 

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