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Getting great images from long exposures take practice.

Photographer Gareth Rockliffe gives us great advice on

creating stunning images that show movement.

Gareth Rockliffe

Playing with Long Exposures
with Gareth Rockliffe


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“Knowing the backstory builds your appreciation, your understanding, and your connection to the art.”




  • All projects start with an idea. Look through forums and feeds for inspiration, then try to figure out how it was done.
  • Schedule your time to play. Play is a really important part of any project.


“You don’t copy art, you steal it.  You bring it into yourself and make it part of your own creation.”


Long Exposures – Capturing Movement in a Static Image

Things that are static stay static, things that are moving show movement.

Shutter speed:  How much movement do you want?

 – Figuring it out takes practice. 
 – Watch for patterns of movement and try to time the shutter to catch a pattern that appeals to you.
 – Set the shutter speed for the speed of the subject.

 – A super long exposure will create a mist-like appearance from the movement.

 – Use graduated filters to help balance out the sky.

 – Bracketing can be tough and may create “artifacts” where movement occurs.

      Layer and merge 3 bracketed images for static structures.  Choose the best of the three for movement, then wipe away the unwanted layers.

 – Getting rid of unwanted movement (tree branches or leaves blowing in the wind) – take a fast shutter static image of the trees and blend it with a long exposure for the water.


                “Knowing when to stop processing is as big a part of the creative process as anything.”



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