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Understand Photography General Notes

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Show Notes for Episode #41: Photo Education and Fine Art with Jeremiah Jenner

Jeremiah Jenner is the owner of JMJ Photography Services and a certified photography educator for Broward County Schools in Florida.

Jeremiah’s Splash Photography class is a really fun way to practice and learn about shooting in manual and off camera flash. He prides himself on making his classes really fun, including rock music and lots of hands -on experiences.

He encourages photographers to begin with the basic 8-week course, then go to “Level 2” classes.

His studio is part of the Broward County’s Sailboat Bend Artist Community. http://sailboatbendartists.com/

For his fine art photography, Jeremiah specializes in close up details to look abstract. He loves jewel-tones and does very little editing. He loves the metallic paper mounted under plexiglass.

Jeremiah teaches his students to “see something different” once they are shooting in the manual mode. To do that, try to zoom in to see the small details. Get in close. Get low, walk around to see different views of the same subject. Try the same subject in different light. He gives the example of his picture of the pool at Viscaya, with the light hitting for a beautiful shimmer.

Fine Art Photography promotion:
Jeremiah found out the Smithsonian had an article about a statue he had photographed. He called the Smithsonian and asked if they’d like his image to go along with their article. He donated the image, but now he has an image in the Smithsonian.

For his first sale into the commercial world, he had a housing developer as a customer for aerial photography, which he got from making cold calls for his aerial photography business. Eventually, the client asked, “I like your work, do you do any fine art photography?”. He connected Jeremiah with the owner of the company. Jeremiah made his sales pitch to the owner out in a muddy construction site. His advice – you have to do what it takes. “For every thousand no’s, you’ll get a yes”. Don’t be afraid to get rejected.

For quicker cash, he does event photography, headshots and rents out his studio. All of his jobs come from networking. In his opinion, diversifying is essential if you want to be a full-time photographer.

How to begin: Join your local art associations for shows and to learn about galleries that are open to new artists. Read the newspapers to see if there are events geared toward artists in your area. Find the places to exhibit your work. Network, network, network! Call Art Gallery owners (call for an appointment). Don’t be afraid of rejection. Art is subjective so you may do well in one show and not in another.

Keep a similar look throughout your work. Your work needs to look like it belongs together. Diversity doesn’t always work when you are trying to get your name out as a fine art photographer. Have a good portfolio, maybe 10-20 good images in a nice presentation book.

Ask your customers for reviews on Google. Post on Google Plus so you will come up in the search engines.

Post on Social Media every couple of days at a minimum.

Always be considerate of your client. Become a friend with them. Use the soft sell. Find out what the client likes about your art. Where will they want to hang it?

How do you price your artwork? He takes his cost and ups it at least 4-5 times. Your overhead is much higher than you realize.

Have a Square or credit card swiper on you so you are ready to take their money when they are ready.

Get out and shoot with other photographers to keep your creativity up.

What’s coming up? Every third Saturday, open studios at 1310 Gallery – Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts in Fort Lauderdale.

Jeremiah’s website: http://www.jeremiahjenner.com/ Check out his upcoming workshops.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jmjphotographicservices

Broward Community Schools http://www.browardcommunityschools.com/

His basic photography classes go on all year round.

Other links:

Broward Cultural Division http://www.broward.org/arts/

ArtSpace http://www.artspace.org/

Sailboat Bend Artist Community http://sailboatbendartists.com/

Dale Labs https://www.dalelabs.com

Southern Photo Technical Service http://www.sp-ts.com/

See you next week for episode 42!
John Brady will talk about life as a well established landscape photographer.

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