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Peggy Farren interviews Nikon USA photographer Mike Corrado.  Mike shares his passion for photography and giving back through his personal projects with Ronald McDonald House and Drummer Love.

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 “Photography can be an addiction, not just a passion.”

About Mike

35 years working with Nikon USA in NYC

House photographer – Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater and  Ronald McDonald House, New Hyde Park, Long Island, NY

Ronald McDonald House (RMH)

                 “The ‘I don’t want to know’ mentality makes for a very staged, flat, boring portrait.”

Charity house run on donations and volunteers.

Helps to house and comfort children and families undergoing extensive medical treatments.

Photographs children and events – pictures used in a positive way to drive donations.

                 “Get to know your subject – make a connection, it’s not just a portrait, it’s their life story.”

Make it happen as you go, don’t try to stage it.

                “When you’re working with these kids, you learn about life that you never knew existed.”

Drummer Love

               “We’re driven by the beat.  The drummers carry the pace of the whole show.”

Mounts up to 9 cameras on and around drum kit.

Fires with Nikon WR/WR1 system (remote and transceiver) when main camera fires, all remotes fire.

8-15mm zoom fisheye (Full Frame)

    – creates a “hero shot” of the drummer

    – old-school circular or zoom to fill the frame

Uses center-weighted metering to adjust for the dark backgrounds and lights

    – can vary the size of the center weighted circle

    – spot metering may be too tight – especially when the drummer is moving.

Aperture priority f/6 or f/7.1   – 2/3 stop down so the image doesn’t blow out

Musicians receive images IF they make a donation to RMH

NPS – Nikon Professional Services

Allows (qualified) working professional photographers the chance to borrow equipment or receive a loaner camera during servicing

               “The beauty of personal projects is that they have no real beginning or end.”

Birds of Stony Brook

Birds teach you patience.

Study their behaviors and habits to better predict what they will do next.

Where to find Mike

Website – CorradoPhotography.com

Instagram – @corradophotography

Facebook – Corrado Photo

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