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Panoramic photographs are fun and easy with your smart phone. The camera automatically “stitches” several pictures together to make a super wide image. Panoramics are very easy to do. On a Droid, open your camera app, then tap on MODE. Choose Panoramic. On an iPhone, in the camera app, you’ll see an option for Panoramic.

Start on the far left, press the shutter button and start slowing moving your camera to the right. Press the shutter button again when you are finished. The camera is taking pictures while you are moving and then quickly stitches them together to make one picture.

Pano-Dash is a fun option using the panoramic feature on your smart phone. You’ll need two people – the photographer and the model. As the photographer, put yourself in the middle. Have your subject pose on the far left. In pano mode, start before your subject, slowing moving the camera until he is out of the frame. Then STOP moving the camera. Your subject then moves to the next spot and poses. Begin moving the camera again until you pass over your model and STOP. The camera only takes pictures when it’s moving. When you are finished, tap the shutter button to complete the pictures. Voila! A really cool panoramic with your subject in it several times!!

Photography is so much fun!

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Peggy Farren

Peggy Farren

Photographer, instructor and speaker.

Peggy Farren is an award winning, professional photographer, author, instructor and speaker. She’s been interviewed and featured on TV and in many national and local publications.

Peggy is the host of The Understand Photography Show, where we teach about travel, nature and fine art photography.  Subscribe to our Youtube channel for new videos every Tuesday and Saturday!

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