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Understand Photography General Notes

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Women’s Photography Weekend: Naples, FL September 15-17, 2017
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Show Notes for Episode #42: Old School Everglades Photography with John Brady

“We all want something different out of life and you have to follow your passion. For me, I had things that I wanted, so I lived a life without regrets and made photography a part of that.”

“Photography is an all-encompassing art that takes on different aspects and angles.”

About the Photographer
-had a camera with him since the age of 8
-introduced to the dark room at the age of 12
-loves nature photography and dreamed of National Geographic
-inspired by Clyde Butcher who introduced him to “Florida photography”

Equipment and Images
– to get out into the Everglades he uses a boat called a ‘Gheenoe’, similar to a canoe but more stable and with a small outboard motor
-works with a wooden viewfinder camera and 8”x10” film sheets (very heavy equipment: 70+ lbs!)
-need to be very stable – good tripod
-works with small apertures and long exposures – some up to 6 minutes!
-film doesn’t get electronic noise of a digital camera
-long exposures on water give it a smooth, dreamlike effect
-viewfinder presents the image upside down, backwards, dim, and blurry – so everything becomes more about the art of shape and form
-processes all of his own images
-scans film into digital format – each image can be up to 1G, 4 to 5 times larger than a regular digital file

-sometimes will switch to a digital camera – SONY 7RZ
-able to use an adapter for all of his CANON lenses

Favorite Spots
-Loop Road, the easiest place to send people who want to photograph the Everglades
-Fish-Eating Creek
-Lakes with lots of old cypress trees
-there are so many great places to visit and photograph in FL that are just a day trip away

Making a Living
– Has a Gallery, a website, has done solo shows and art shows
– Has always worked in another field to make a living, photography is his passion and craft, but not his job.
– When the stress of selling your work overrides your passion for doing it, it’s more of a grind.

Tips and Suggestions
– Pursue ANYTHING for the LOVE of it.
– Follow your passion.
– Learn how to shoot in MANUAL.
– Use a tripod.
– Shoot in RAW mode.
– Learn the functions of your camera and understand what it can do.
“We all want something different out of life and you have to follow your passion. For me, I had things that I wanted, so I lived a life without regrets and made photography a part of that.”

Everglades Wonder Garden
-Started in 1936 by 2 brothers, Bill and Lester Piper, who were bootleggers from the Detroit area.
– Became a roadside attraction and neighborhood zoo.
– Fell into hard times when attitudes toward captive animals changed and the main road was moved.
– After 3 generations of Pipers, David Piper decided to try to sell the 3 1/2 acre property. It would have been leveled to make room for condominiums, but John thought it should be saved as a part of the history of the area.
– John leased the property and made long overdue renovations to the existing buildings and tamed the grounds. His dream was to create a not-for-profit organization, to find a way to purchase the property, and to involve others. He succeeded in all of these endeavors and Everglades Wonder Garden is now a botanical jungle with many rescued birds and reptiles.

More about John Brady

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