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Peggy Farren interviews nature and wildlife photographer John Slonina. John gives us tips on where to be in the U.S. throughout the year for the best pictures. Thanks for tuning into episode #75 of The Understand Photography Show!


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“My passion is not only photography, but showing people nature.  It thrills me every time.”

Great Nature Hotspots

    Big Cypress – Loop Road, Wagon Wheel Road, Jane’s Scenic Drive, Shark 
    Lots of opportunities for landscape and sky, reflections
    Likes to blend animals with their environment instead of keeping full frame on 
    Landscapes can change dramatically based on water level
    Anhinga Trail, Flamingo – osprey nests, manatees, saltwater crocoldiles
    Wolves, Bison, snowy landscapes
Arches, Bryce and Zion National Parks in Utah – snow dusted rock formations can be 
Delaware/Maryland/Virginia coastine – wild horses of Chincoteague/Assateague islands, 
    snow geese migration, off-season means no crowds

“The best times to visit America’s National Parks are in the shoulder seasons.  Fall and spring have fewer tourists and usually better weather.”

March – best time to view aurora borealis in Alaska 
    Fairbanks – 80% chance of seeing northern lights in a 3 day stay
    The farther north you are, the greater the chance of a spectacular display.
    The lights could also be seen in September, although there is a much higher 
    chance of cloud cover.
April – Smoky Mountains:  “Photographer’s Month”
    Snowmelt creates spectacular waterfalls, wildflowers begin to bloom, black bears 
    emerge from dens with cubs
May – Southwest:  Utah, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons – not too hot or snowy, fewer 
    tourists, waterfalls, rapids, wildflowers, animal babies

“There’s always a new place to visit right here in the United States.”

June/July – Acadia National Park, Maine
    Incredible ocean landscapes, Cadillac Mountain, moose, lighthouses
    *favorite spot:  Ocean Drive – path runs parallel to the ocean
    Lubec, Maine – whale watches, puffins, out of the tourist loop
    Moosehead Lake
    *inland Maine in June is black fly season*

    Race Point/Cape Cod – whale watches and seals
    Mt. Ranier and Glacier National Park are better in summer – fewer road closures 
    due to snow
August – Alaska – coastal grizzlies, brown bears
    Katmai National Park, Anchorage – great boat tours, marine mammal tours, 
    orcas, puffins

Fall colors, rut makes some of the animals more active, thicker fur coats 
September – Grand Tetons, side trips to ghost towns, prairie dogs
October – New England/East coast for foliage
    early October:  Northern Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire
    mid-October:  coastal northeast
    late October:  Smoky Mountains
November – great time to visit Arizona and Utah: Arches, Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon

“Creating a great photo tour takes years of research.  If I lead a tour, I know the wildlife, the landscapes, and the logistics.”

Finding John
website: SPhotography.com
Facebook: John Slonina

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