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Episode 52:  Naturally Ethical Photography

“Every piece of art that moves us has a soul of its own.”

About the Photographer
Started as a young teen in southeast Montana
Saved up enough money for a lens

Naturally Ethical Photography
What is it?
Becoming part of the environment you’re photographing
Not disturbing the wildlife
Not using bait, calls, or chasing the animals

Your best approach to wildlife photography is LOW, SLOW, and QUIET.
The best shots come from not putting any pressure on the animals.
This requires patience and study.
Scouting day for new locations – take pictures, but pay very close attention to the surrounding environment and the patterns of behavior of the animals.  Make mental notes of where they go (trails, feeding areas, nesting areas, etc.) as well as the location of the sun when they’re there. Now when you come back, you can be set up ahead of their arrival to that location.
You must be nonthreatening enough for them to accept your presence.  There is no hiding from wildlife – with their heightened senses, they know where you are.
You must be situationally aware – there are a lot of dangers – snakes, alligators, and BOAR!
Realize that you’re a guest in their house and show respect for the animals and their environment.

Get Involved
Look for agencies and opportunities that share your beliefs.
Contact your local Audubon Society and Nature Conservancy and offer your time and images.
Enter contests – winning is nice, but you can also get some good feedback on your work.
Winning images are not just good pictures, they’re HIGH IMPACT pictures.
What makes a High Impact picture?
– the recon, low, slow and quiet technique
– the WOW comes with a CONNECTION to the subject – when you’re relaxed and in tune with the environment, the subject becomes more relaxed and trusting of you, allowing for better opportunities for great shots.


“Never take to heart a critique from someone whose work you don’t admire.”

Critique your own work – push yourself to continue to be better, but don’t beat yourself up.

“The best feedback is seeing someone emotionally moved by your image.”

Inspiring Locations
Remote areas, lakes with no development – places he can only reach with his kayak.
Bob’s images have been published in multiple places, including the 2017 calendar from the National Audubon Society.

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