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Show Notes for Episode 9: Lightroom Tips ft. Joe Fitzpatrick

  1. Don’t try to go around Lightroom. Do everything within Lightroom as the “golden source”.

  2. Don’t jump into editing. Look at a picture, think about it, have a game plan, and then edit.

  3. Use presets on import.

  4. Develop an editing process/workflow and be consistent.

  5. To adjust the luminance of skies, use the H/S/L mode.

  6. Use before and after view.

  7. To soften faces, use the adjustment brush, brush the skin, and adjust the clarity slider to the negative.

  8. To enhance the sheen of jewelry, eyes, and even lips, use the adjustment brush, brush the desired area, and adjust the clarity slider to the positive.

  9. Use “Lights Out” mode by pressing the L key in order to remove distractions and better preview the photo. One press dims everything but the picture,the 2nd press turns everything pitch black, and the 3rd press returns the screen to normal.

  10. Create a monochrome image using the H/S/L settings.

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