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In this understand Photography Tuesday quick tip, Joe Fitzpatrick will show you how to speed up your workflow in Lightroom Classic CC with the quick and targeted collections feature.

If you need to temporarily access multiple photos in different folders for a project, then the quick collection is for you. The quick collection is a place to temporarily assemble a group of photos from one or more folders. You can access the quick collection in any of the Lightroom’s modules.

In the modules film strip, click on the source indicator menu and select the quick collection. Add photos to the quick collection by selecting and dragging them to the collection, by selecting and pressing the letter B key or by clicking on the circle in the upper right-hand corner of the photo.

You can also have Lightroom add photos to your quick collection when they are imported. A quick collection can be converted into a regular collection by choosing file, save quick collection.

In the dialogue box type in the name of the new collection, then choose to either clear the quick collection or leave the photos in it.

You can also clear the quick collection at any time by right clicking on the quick collection and choosing clear quick collection. If you’re on a Mac with a one-button mouse, hold the shift key down while clicking to simulate a right click.

You can have any collection act like the quick collection by making it the targeted collection. Right click on the collection and choose set as targeted collection. Photos can then be quickly added to the collection by pressing the B key or clicking on the circle. You can change which collection is the targeted collection as often as you wish. This is handy if you’re working on multiple projects. A smart collection cannot be set as the targeted collection. You can easily identify which collection is the current targeted collection by looking for a plus sign to the right of the collection’s name.

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