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Learn how to remove dust and imperfections using Lightroom Classic CC!

In this episode of Understand Photography, Joe Fitzpatrick will explain a Lightroom Classic CC quick tip on how to quickly and easily find and remove all the dust spots in your images.

Some dust spots are easy to see, lbut many dust spots are smaller and harder to detect without close examination of your images.  Lightroom provides a quick, easy way to see and remove these hard to see dust spots.

Select the image, open the Develop module, and select the spot healing tool.  You can select the tool by clicking on the icon or tapping the letter Q.  Select clone or heal.  I find heal works best in most, but not all cases.  With the spot healing tool active, click on the Visualize Spots box or tap the letter A.  You now have a high contrast, monochrome image which makes the spots much easier to see.  Moving the visualize spots slider to the right will show more spots, to the left, less spots.  You can zoom in on the image by holding down the spacebar and clicking on the image or by selecting a magnification amount from the Navigator panel.  Click and drag while holding down the spacebar to move around the magnified image.  Zoom back out by holding down the spacebar and clicking in the image or selecting fit in the navigation panel.

Use the spot healing tool’s slider to adjust the feather to around 50%. Adjust the size using the slider or mouse wheel so the inner circle of the tool is larger than the spot.  Opacity should be at 100%.  Then, just click on each spot, adjusting the tool size as needed.  You don’t need to close and open the tool for each spot.  Occasionally, the spot healing tool will make a poor choice when selecting the donor area.  When this happens, just click and drag to select a new donor area. When done, click on the visualize spots box or tap the letter A to see the spot free image.  Then click on done to continue editing.

~Joe Fitzpatrick is one of that rare breed of photographers who possesses both a vast array of technical knowledge and the ability to communicate it in clear, simple terms.

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