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In this Lightroom Classic CC quick tip we will look at the enhance details tool introduced in Lightroom Classic CC version 8.2.

According to the Adobe web site, the tool produces crisp detail, improved color rendering, more accurate renditions of edges, and fewer artifacts. Enhance Details is especially useful for making large prints, where fine details are more visible. This feature applies to raw mosaic files from cameras with Bayer sensors (Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others) and Fujifilm X-Trans sensors. Sounds pretty impressive.

Enhance details is hardware intensive. The Windows version requires Windows 10, version 1809 or newer. The Mac version requires a Metal-capable graphics processor and macOS High Sierra (version 10.13) or later.

In keeping with Lightroom’s non-destructive workflow, enhance details generates a DNG file rather than altering the RAW file. The DNG will be larger than the RAW file, so using it will consume disk space.

Considering the hardware requirements, I was looking forward to seeing some pretty big gains in detail. But, after going through a wide variety of images looking for examples to use in this video, I was underwhelmed by the results. I used it on Canon and Panasonic RAW files. Adobe claims improvements on Fuji X-tran RAW files are more significant. AI or machine learning tools can give widely variable results, so perhaps I’m just not using it on the right type of image.

It’s part of Lightroom so it doesn’t cost you anything to give it a try on your images. Here’s how you go about using it.

• Select the image you want to process
• Right click in the image
• Select enhanced details in the window
• View the image in the enhanced detail window
• Click on the bottom right of the image to see the entire image, click within the image to return to the magnified view at the point you selected
• If you are satisfied with the result, click on enhance
• The image will process and you will return to the gallery view
• You can batch batch process multiple images
• Select the images
• Right click on any one of them
• Click OK in the dialog box
• The images will process and you will return to the gallery view

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