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Show Notes for Episode 11: Landscape Photography ft. Gareth Rockliffe
Gareth’s advice:
“Have fun with photography!”

Gareth and Jan’s Portfolio, which includes vidéage, and perhaps even cinemagraphs!

Soderquist Photography

The Great American Coastline Gallery

Gareth Rockliffe Landscape Photography Facebook:

Gareth Rockliffe’s website:

Flixel Cinemagraph Pro – to create high quality animated GIFs

DJI Mavic Drones



Adobe Photoshop Express
Free; iOS (link)

Camera +
$2.99; iOS (link)

Free; iOS (link)

The Comprehensive Guide to Photography Lenses

The Comprehensive Guide to Photography Lenses

Top Tips for Planning Photos on a Trip:

Go to the location.

Get the lay of the land.

Explore Google Earth.

Ask the local people!!

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