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Peggy Farren interviews wildlife photographer Judy Lynn Malloch.  Judy shares her insights about starting a photography hobby, then business at the age of 60. Thanks for tuning into episode #73 of The Understand Photography Show!

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“If we honor nature, we get something back in return.”

About Judy Lynn
– Took up golf at age 50
– Took up photography at age 60
– Learned photography through reading and practicing
– Loves to capture the emotions of her subjects
– Now leads photo tours with her husband to Africa, Central and South America
– Favorite lens – Nikon 300mm f/2.8 with a BushHawk to help carry it!

   “Learn through the journey.”

How to Get Started as a Photographer
– Narrow down the field you want to focus on
your field will determine the gear you should start with
having a niche will help get your name out there
– Research!  The internet has amazing resources for learning!
– Keep trying new things!
– Never give up!  Don’t expect too much from yourself in the beginning – even the professionals had to start somewhere.
– Practice – if you love it, it won’t be work.
– Go where the light is.  Start with good light and a good background.  Stay.  Wait.  Something great may show up.
– For wildlife photos, set camera on continuous mode – the camera’s stop-motion can catch more than your eye.
– Enter contests!

Finding Judy
website:  www.NaturesTapestryJLM.com
facebook: JL Malloch
Flickr.com/photos/[email protected]

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