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How to Start a Photography Blog with Edin Chavez
How to Start a Photography Blog with Edin Chavez
How to Start a Photography Blog with Edin Chavez
How to Start a Photography Blog with Edin Chavez
How to Start a Photography Blog with Edin Chavez
How to Start a Photography Blog with Edin Chavez

Peggy Farren talks with Miami based photographer Edin Chavez.  Edin shares his insight, expertise and tips about creating a blog and why it is the best thing you can do for your business. Thanks for tuning into episode #93 of The Understand Photography Show!

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The Importance of Having a Photography Blog with Edin Chavez

Episode 93

“Photography gave me a passport to see the world.”

Why I started my Blog

  • In the beginning… to share my images as a creative outlet.
  • Now… as a big part of my business.
    – This is how people find me.
    – I can license my photos through my blog.
    – A googled “photo of Miami” links to my website and blog and leads to licensing agreements with clients or agencies. (No representative needed – all on my own.)


“A blog is never-ending work.”

5 Tips for A Successful Blog Page
1Tag your images correctly.
–  BEFORE you export it from Lightroom  – name it and tag it.

– On your website:

– Tag it with alternate names.

– Get VERY detailed with your descriptions.

– Make it as EASY as possible for Google to find it.

– Look at the keywords that people are Googling.

– Search for it yourself to find new tags.

2. Size is important.

– Keep image sizes small to optimize loading time for your page.

– If people have to wait more than 2-3 seconds, they will leave your site.

– Keep pics to 1000 pixels on long side and 72 DPI (not 300).

– *Plug-in for Lightroom – JPEG MINI (jpegmini.com) reduces image size by 80% without compromising resolution.

(WordPress has other available plug-ins to reduce the size even further.)

3.  Content is key.

– This is where people get to learn about YOU.  Create an audience.
– Personal stories help connect people to your work.

– Talk about your images:  what it took to get there, what happened, what you were feeling at the time, and some of the “technical stuff”.

– Make it locally relevant.  Create posts about your city to gain a local audience and potential local clients.

– Review products you use.

– Post videos and tutorials.

4.  Frequency.

– Keep it up to date.

– Google likes frequent posts.  If your site is always active, it will get more hits.

– Post new content 10-15 times per month.

– you can schedule posts and/or outsource for reviews and articles (fiverr.com)

5.  Linking in Social Media.

– Every time you post a photo to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram – link it to your blog.

– Social media is not enough!  Google will not retrieve images from Facebook.

“It’s important for you to build your own blog.  You need to figure it out and master it to make it successful.”


Getting Started

  • Sign up for WordPress.
  • Buy a domain name – recommend using BlueHost ($3.99/month)
    – Go for a crafty, catchy, memorable name rather than using your own to get more search hits.
    – Get a .com (rather than a .net or other option) it’s easier to remember.
  • Click one button to install WordPress and everything is done for you!
  • Choose a Theme (decorative look) for your site. (Range in price from free to $20-$100)
  • You may need to tweak a few things to get it the way you like.
  • Start uploading content! – Be sure to add as many tags and descriptions as possible.
  • WordPress can get confusing* but, there are so many available options.
  • Highly recommend Yoast – a plug-in that teaches you to become an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert.
    – Gives a checklist of what to do to optimize hits for your post.
    – As you write, items from the list turn from red to green if you’ve done it correctly.

* If you’re computer-challenged you can try SquareSpace – (hosting is $20/month) but it doesn’t have the plug-ins available for optimization like WordPress. *

Travel Gear (What do you take with you on a trip?)

  • Tripod:  Favorite travel tripod is MeFOTO GlobeTrotter  – about $160, folds up and stores in carry-on luggage.
  • Camera (Nikon)
  • Lenses:  small kit lens 24-85mm and wide 14-24mm
  • Memory cards and batteries

Where to Find Edin

Website – EdinChavez.com

Instagram – @EdinChavez

Facebook – Edin Chavez

Twitter – Edin Chavez

If you are enjoying the show, please leave us a review on our Youtube accountFacebook fan page or iTunes podcast account.  Reviews really help us a lot!

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