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Show Notes for Episode #39: How to Run a Successful Photo Club Ft. Sonny Saunders
“You have to give the members what they want.”

Founder of Digital Photography and Imaging – Special Interest Group (DPI-SIG) in Naples, FL
Started in 2004
-First meeting was just word of mouth in a local restaurant and drew 20 people.
– Second meeting was also just word of mouth but this time drew 60 people.
– Club just kept growing, now up to over 400 members.
– Mission –“Education in Photography”

Why is it so successful?
– The club is not about the leaders, it’s about the members.
If someone asks “Why don’t we do __?” – the response should always be, “Sure! If you will lead it, (or set it up) we can find a place for you to hold it.
– Do anything the members want to do.
– Set up interest groups within the club
Lightroom, Photoshop, PS Elements, ProShow Gold, Creative, Roundtable
– Organize outings – recent DPI-SIG outings include: Marco Island (specifically for Burrowing Owls),
Miami Zoo, and Everglades National Park
– they have 10 different outings directors within the club
– Organize Gallery Shows: set up rules for the show regarding size and number of prints to be entered
Can sell on-site
occasionally will be unable to list prices directly under each print – can leave price list with a
Recent DPI-SIG Gallery shows at Naples Depot, Central Avenue Library, Marco Island Museum
All were extremely successful and sold many prints
– Competition Workshops – discuss prints, judging, and selling
– Hands-On Framing Class
– User Groups and Presentations: Leader doesn’t have to be “all-knowing”, there will always be a member that can answer someone’s question

Getting Volunteers
– Don’t ask the general group for volunteers, you won’t get any. Get to know your members. Personally and specifically ask someone if they would be willing to lead a group, it’s tougher for them to say no.
– Once you have someone to lead the group: don’t micromanage, and don’t tell them how it should be done.

“Let THEM do it!”

Getting a Speaker
– Contact the person directly, do not try to go through their sponsors – let them contact their sponsor.
– Don’t give them a specific topic to cover, let them choose what they would be most comfortable presenting.

See you next week for episode 40!
Jim Sernovitz will be here to talk about his photographic journey through Asia.

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