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by Amanda Rattigan

For most people, photographing Dogs will be a bit easier than Cats…and I understand why. Cats don’t care. LOL They simply don’t care that you are making funny little noises and whistles to get them to turn their head. They are sophisticated. They are regal. And quite honestly, they think you are making a complete fool out of yourself.

Now, a Dog on the other hand is right there with you, jumping up and down, making noises back at you…loving every moment.

So then how do you get that adorable kitten face tilting their head at you? How do you get that grumpy old 10 year old cat to look right in the lens and allow you to capture a photo that makes the viewer feel like they are looking into the cat’s soul?

Simple. You have to love cats.

You have to understand that they are different. That you need to have a bit more patience with them than a dog. That you have to understand you might be hanging out with them for quite a while before you snap that perfect photo.

And that’s okay. If you love cats.

Because if you are a true cat lover, you already know that feeling of being patient, and calm, and quiet. You already know that bond you have with your special four-legged best friend. And once you feel that, once you come to accept a cat for being a cat…you can capture those moments that make the people who are “Dog lover only” change their mind slightly and say “wow, now that’s a beautiful animal!”

Ok, so, how do you do it? Here are some of my tips – try them out, they just might work for you.

Always remember…FOCUS on the EYES – cats have amazingly beautiful eyes –show them off!!

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