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Host and Professional Photographer Peggy Farren interviews Gary Farber from Hunt’s Photo and Video.  Gary shares all the secrets, benefits, and dedication of sponsorship.


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How to Become Sponsored as a Photographer


Episode 96 with Gary Farber of Hunt’s Photo and Video

“A sponsored photographer endorses and promotes a product with outreach through social media.”

Sponsors are looking for:

  • How their product is being promoted on your social media.
  • The content and context with which their product is being promoted.
    – Is the content informational?  Can the audience learn from it?
    – Is the content eye catching?
  • Product should be promoted 1-2 times per day with new posts on your social media accounts.
  • Promotion of events/workshops/trade shows you will be attending (in advance of the event) as well as images of the event during and after.
  • Help answer customer questions and promote products at the vendor booth after your presentation.  Customers place more value on YOUR opinion as a professional than they do from the opinion of the vendor.
  • Mention/tag your images with names (and images) of the products you used, descriptions of how they work for you, and links to dealers or manufacturers where followers can purchase the product.
  • Live-streaming of events is great PR! Show people what they missed by not being there.  Get people excited to attend the next event.
  • Hype and recommendations for their products on your website and newsletters.  Share discount codes for products and services.

Must-Have’s to Become Sponsored 

  1. An excellent social media following.

      – 20k followers to even be considered

      – 50k – 100k followers to catch someone’s eye

      – 500+k followers to “wow” them

      It can be a good idea to tag companies and products even if you’re not sponsored.

2.  Personality.  

     – You need to be passionate about your work.

     – Be a down-to-Earth person that’s not focused on your own ego. (a big turn-off!!)

     – Partnership is important.  The sponsor needs you to see this as a win for BOTH parties involved.

3.  Follow-through.

     – Whatever your sponsor is expecting of you, do it in a timely manner.

     – Take the sponsorship seriously.  Don’t back out of your responsibilities because you’re too ‘busy’ or just wanted a quick buck.

Got It – How do I become sponsored?

  • Usually, manufacturers will approach you if they’re interested. 
  • You can approach companies on your own. 
    – Approaching a vendor at a trade show is not the best place to start.
    – The best way is to find their marketing department person who is usually in charge of sponsoring speakers. (This info can usually be found on their website.)
    – Send them an email with contact information and a request so they become aware of you.
    WAIT for a response.  Nothing yet?  Call and ask to speak with them.  Be persistent, but NOT pushy.
    Don’t send a portfolio of pictures and links until you talk with them.
    – Even if they say “We’re not interested right now…” ask them to keep you in mind.  Tell them about yourself and what you do – they will be interested in your workshops and speaking engagements.

Sponsorship Don’ts

  • Don’t make the company chase you down.  Respond to requests immediately.  They need to know you WANT this.
  • Only approach the vendor/company if you truly BELIEVE in their product and USE it.
  • It’s not all about Affiliate Programs.  There’s more value in the partnership you’re making with the company than he money you could make with the program.  Even the most lucrative photographers are only making about $1000/yr from affiliate programs.
  • Put your ego on a leash – it’s not all about you.

Drawbacks of Sponsorship

  • There’s a lot of pressure to deliver on your agreements and sell products.
  • If sponsored by one company – you can ONLY use and promote THEIR product.
  • You can’t make a living with sponsorship – it creates a very small income. 

Benefits of Sponsorship (Every Company is Different)

  • Benefits could be as little as a small door prize. 
  • Use of new equipment – loans for special occasions.
  • Speaking engagements – cover flight, hotel, meals + stipend for speaking – as long as you help sell and promote their product in the booth when you’re done.

“Relationships are the key to everything.  Build relationships.  Build trust.  Be helpful.  Be more than just a customer.”

About Hunt’s Photo and Video

  • A family business for multiple generations with 8 camera stores along the East Coast as well as online.
  • Pride themselves in their INCREDIBLE personal customer service.
  • A sponsorship with Hunt’s:
    – Has no affiliate program.
    – Will recommend sponsored photographers for conferences to help promote you.  This is much more effective and lucrative for you in the long run.
    – Will lend out lenses and other equipment to you for special trips.
    – If you’ve had good follow-through as a sponsored photographer with Hunt’s, they’ll go to bat for you for manufacturer sponsorships.

Finding Gary

email: [email protected]

Gary will answer every email, every question, every time.

website:  HuntsPhotoandVideo.com




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