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Do you want to sell your fine art photography?  The quickest way to success is by participating in art shows.  Art Business consultant Carolyn Edlund is back to talk about how to get juried into the BEST shows. 

Episode 186

How to Get Juried into the BEST Art Shows

 Art shows are the FASTEST way to make a full-time living as a photo artist.   

But first, you have to get juried in!  Don’t make the mistake of choosing a show because it’s cheap or close by.  Choose the best art shows so that you can make money!  That’s the whole point!

Art Business Consultant Carolyn Edlund is back on the show to talk about this subject.  Listen/watch the show if you are ready to get serious about making money as an artist.

Show notes:

  • Be Professional in every way. 
  • You need a really good portfolio.  Putting together a professional portfolio of your work is the first step.  I you need help with your portfolio, join our Facebook group called  “Selling Your Photography as Art”.  It’s a support group for photo artists. 
  • Select the right shows. 
    Walk the show to see if you are a good fit.
    Talk to other artists in your network.  You have joined your local art association, right? 
  • Check deadlines. Some could be 6-12 months before the show date.
  • Your application must be perfect, professional and on-time!
    Read the instructions carefully and then read them again.  If you don’t understand something, contact the promoter for clarification.
  • Lead with your strongest image. Think about composition rules when you are putting your pictures into the application.  Don’t have your birds facing out, for example.
  • Your booth image can be the deciding factor. Be sure every detail is looked at before taking the picture.
  • Once accepted, be sure to send your booth fee in on time.
  • If you don’t get in, ask for feedback.

 Carolyn Edlund has a “Call for Artists” three times a year.  The next one comes up soon in May 2020.  Check her website for more details:

Click HERE for her free ebook “Where to Sell Art Online”

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