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Fine Art Photographer Tomas Mitchell joins Peggy for a lesson on

finding your niche and creating your own signature look to help build your brand.

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Episode 158

Finding Your Niche as a Fine Art Photographer

with Tomas Mitchell


Finding Your Niche

  • Of the work that you have now, what subjects sell the best?
  • Find something LOCAL that is:

– interesting to yourself and others – something that creates or pulls an emotional response from the viewer.

– difficult to capture or takes discipline and patience.

– able to be expanded upon to create a series of work.

– not already overdone.

    -Want to focus on a subject that is already out there?  Find a way to do it DIFFERENTLY.


Subjects of Interest

  • Animals – narrow your focus, find something unique!

– “Pets” can be narrowed down to a single breed for a more specific market.

  • Classic cars
  • Stadiums/Sports
  • Storms
  • Religious subjects
  • Your town/city
  • “Abandoned” anything – cars, boats, buildings…
  • Pieces of architecture – doors, windows, gables…
  • Hobbies
  • What’s “in” right now?


Processing styles can be used to create your signature look.

– Play around with plug-ins and filters to find the look you want.

– Create your own pre-sets.


Finishing options

  • Find the right finish for your subject – stick to one style and make it your look.
  • Be consistent.
  • Offer fewer choices for purchasing. Too many options can be overwhelming and make it difficult for your customers to decide.

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Tomas Mitchell DSC_8511_2_3_4_5_fused
Tomas Mitchell DSC_8203
Tomas Mitchell Double Take
Tomas Mitchell DSC_8327_28_29_30_fused
Tomas Mitchell DSC_8509-Pano-2
Tomas Mitchell 1699 360_-2_-3_fused (2)
Tomas Mitchell Fusion-Natural

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