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Host and Professional Photographer Peggy Farren interviews photographer J. Scott Kelly.  Scott gives us some tips on how to give your images a boost of creativity.


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Finding Your Creative Style with Photographer J. Scott Kelly

Episode 98

“I don’t want to teach you to do something the same way that I do it.  I want to guide you to find the way that you want to do it.”

Learning To Be Creative
  1. Educate Yourself
  •        Recommended book:  Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon
           “If you steal from one artist, it’s plagiarism.  If you steal from 20, it’s research.”
  •        Learn to use the tools you have.  
  •        Become proficient with your camera and your software.  
  •        Learn different techniques of blending, layering, and lighting.

2.   Challenge Yourself

  •       Create an image based on a piece of music.
  •       Use a different lens than you normally do.
  •       Choose a theme – how can you depict this theme from what you see around you?
  •       Take the same subject and photograph it using different styles.
  •       Use the same style to photograph different subjects.
  •       Keep moving.  Find a new perspective.  Photograph something interesting every 10 steps.
  •       Join a challenge with a group.  

“If you don’t have somebody calling you to task, you will put it off until later.”

3.   Find Inspiration

  •       Look at other art.  What were they thinking? Where were they in their lives at that time?  Art speaks differently to different viewers.
  •       Found an inspiring artist?  Look back to where they got their inspiration.
  •       Create a catalog of inspiration.
          Pinterest is great, but you should have others from screen shots or photos you’ve taken yourself.
          Make sure you put ideas into categories so they’re easier to browse and find later.
  •       Study the different emotions that lighting can produce.  Don’t limit yourself to still photographs, inspiration can be found even in the cinematography of old movies.


Gallery of Hope

“I wanted to utilize the art of photography to bring awareness to causes.”

Exhibit space within Island Images studio.

Open to any photographer.

Showcases images “with a purpose to educate and give back”.

Previous exhibits have included images depicting social crises such as homelessness and domestic violence.

Finding J. Scott Kelly

Website:  IslandImagesProPhoto.com

Facebook: J. Scott Kelly

Instagram:  @islandimagesprophoto





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